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9 Clouds: Your Dealership’s Digital Lead Generation Ally

Did you know that almost 80% of the car buyer’s journey takes place on digital devices?

As a dealership, you need to reach your potential customers where they are spending time — even before they’re looking for a car. To generate more leads and sales online, you need a digital ally.

Why Choose Us for Your Automotive Digital Marketing?

We are transparent with our clients, so you know what we are doing and why we are doing it.

We ensure you own your accounts and assets, setting your dealership up for long-term success.

We deliver results with our expertise, experience and constant pursuit of excellence.

We don’t hide or gloss over poor performance. We analyze, optimize and improve.

9 Clouds has been instrumental in the growth of our dealership. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in leads and sales since hiring them.”

Melanie Goldman, Owner, GMG Motors

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Dealerships who work with us receive a personalized retainer package with custom blends of our core services:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Helping your dealership’s website rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. 
  • Online Advertising: Reaching more in-market shoppers by placing your inventory on Google, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and more! 
  • Email Marketing: Building positive relationships with click-worthy messages from your CRM or an email platform like SharpSpring or HubSpot. 
  • Reporting and ROI: Showing the success and true return on investment of your marketing campaigns with advanced attribution and reporting software.
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Partner with 9 Clouds for Automotive Marketing Success

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Q: How do car dealerships attract customers online?

A: Car dealerships attract customers by having good deals and friendly service, but they also need marketing that is effective and measurable. Most successful car dealers run a mix of ads on TV, radio, and the internet to let people know about their inventory and specials.

Q: How do car dealers increase sales online?

A: Car dealers increase sales by offering special discounts and by making it easy to buy a car. Our clients tend to advertise a lot because they can measure the results with monthly reporting from 9 Clouds. 

Q: How can I promote my car sales?

A: You can promote your car sales by telling people about your discounts and special offers. You can also put up signs and advertise online. 9 Clouds services are the perfect way to drive these promotions. 

Q: How do I increase sales leads for my dealership?

A: To get more people interested in buying cars from your dealership, you can advertise online and offer incentives like free test drives. You can also ask your customers to recommend your dealership to their friends and family.

Q: How do I know if my dealership’s digital marketing is working? (Do you have benchmarks?)

A: By measuring it accurately and often! 9 Clouds keeps digital benchmarks for every service we offer:

Search Engine Optimization

Benchmark Industry 9 Clouds
Engagement Rate 60% or better 82.83%
Average Session Duration 2.5 minutes 5 minutes
Bounce Rate 50% or less 17.23%

Google Search Ads

Benchmark Industry 9 Clouds
Cost Per Click $2.46 $2
Click-Through Rate 4% 11.01%
Conversion Rate 6.03% 23.18%

Meta Ads

Benchmark Industry 9 Clouds
Cost Per Click $2.24 $0.26
Click-Through Rate 2.4% 3.68%
Cost Per Landing Page View $1.11 $0.43

Email Marketing

Benchmark Industry 9 Clouds
Open Rate 12.6% 16.76%
Click-Through Rate 1.2% 16.27%
Bounce Rate 4.3% 0.28%