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You know automotive marketing is moving online. You’ve seen the increase in web traffic, form submissions, and people checking their phones (even in the showroom). But did you know that almost 80% of the car buyer’s journey takes place on digital devices?

Just check out the chart showing the automotive path to purchase below. Out of these 23 most common marketing touchpoints, 18 are digital!

Dealerships, it’s time to meet car shoppers where they already are: online.

With the right automotive digital marketing practices, you can pass (or even lap) the competition by attracting new leads, converting current leads, and reconverting past customers on Facebook, Google, email, and more.

9 Clouds has been instrumental in the growth of our dealership. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in leads and sales since hiring them.”

Melanie Goldman, Owner, GMG Motors
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Showing up on Google is essential for your dealership.

Not only do car buyers spend an average of nearly 14 hours doing online research before buying,¹ but online search is actually the most commonly used source among all automotive marketing channels — including word of mouth, TV, and in-store visits.

So how do make sure your website appears at the top of a Google results page?

Our search engine optimization (SEO) package from 9 Clouds will help you show up on Google, Bing, and other search engines by creating and optimizing your web content for a better user experience.

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Online Advertising

Let this sink in: 95% of vehicle shoppers use digital as a source of information.³

That means practically your entire audience is online — and looking for you to help them in their car buying journey!

Make sure you actually reach those shoppers by investing in online advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other popular platforms.

Our digital ads are creative and cost effective, driving more visitors to your site. (Plus, we don’t charge commission on ad spend, so you can truly trust our ad budget recommendations!)

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Email Marketing

Before you discount email as an “old” digital marketing tactic, consider this: for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return on investment of $38. Talk about positive ROI!

Email is a highly effective way to build and maintain trust with your audience — when you send the right message to the right people.

With 9 Clouds’ automotive email marketing services, your dealership will send attractive, click-worthy emails to segmented lists from your CRM, nudging them toward a sale.

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Lead Tracking

The path to a vehicle purchase can be long or short, taking an average of three months from first touch to final sale.

And since each automotive lead costs over $250 on average, you want to convert each one, right?

Our lead tracking service combines powerful software with actionable insights you can use to give your contacts an experience they’ll remember.

By gathering, tracking, and using your contacts’ data wisely (and responsibly), you can close more car sales more quickly!

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