If you’re like our clients, you want an ally who is all about transparency, making your digital marketing efforts count, and showing you the money (literally)!

Want straight talk about which of your marketing channels are bringing in leads and sales and which ones aren’t? Need proof that what you’re doing is working to justify your budget on a specific marketing strategy?

Let us be your ally in showing your real return on ad spend (ROAS) and showcase your results in a transparent, easy-to-understand way.

Getting More Leads

Tired of throwing money at ads without tangible results?

Our data-focused approach ensures that your ad dollars are working overtime to bring in quality leads that convert into sales.

Showing return on investment for marketing

Reporting Results

No confusing jargon or overwhelming spreadsheets.

Get transparent, detailed monthly reports — so you can dig into the performance of each campaign and see the actual return on every dollar spent. 

Proving the worth of digital marketing

Proving Return on Investment (ROI)

Ever wondered if your marketing is bringing in actual sales-ready leads?

Our systems act like a digital detective, following every step, from a lead’s first click to the final sale, so you know what’s working. 

Closing the loop between marketing and sales

Closing the Sales Loop

We’re not into guesswork. We connect the dots between your marketing activities and the actual sales they generate.

That way, you’ll have the full picture of your marketing’s impact on your bottom line. 

Streamlining Digital Automation

Say goodbye to manual tracking headaches.

With the right pixel tracking and audience building strategies, we streamline your marketing and get you better results — all while saving you time.

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Take the Next Step Toward Marketing Clarity

Ready to stop questioning and start proving your marketing ROI? Let’s chat! Our Reporting and ROI service is the missing puzzle piece in your quest for data-driven marketing success. 

Join us and watch your efforts translate into measurable growth!

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FAQs About Reporting and ROI

Q: How do you tell what’s working in marketing?

A: Simply put: it’s in the data. Dive into your analytics to identify which strategies and tactics are driving real results. Our marketing attribution tools ensure that the credit goes where it’s due — so you know which marketing channels are pulling their weight and which ones might need adjusting.

Q: How do I track lead attribution?

A: Use advanced tracking methods and dive deep into data analysis (or use the right lead attribution tool). By tracing every lead back to its source, you get a crystal-clear picture of which channels are bringing in the best results.

Q: Can automation help me prove my ads worked?

A: Absolutely! Sophisticated digital marketing automation tools, attribution software and pixel tracking allow for precise measurement of ad performance, ensuring you have solid evidence of your ad campaigns’ success.

Q: Why does 9 Clouds focus so much on data?

A: Without the data, you can’t know what’s working and what’s not. We don’t just rely on hunches. We base every decision on hard data and analytics, ensuring your marketing efforts are always optimized for success.