Partner Profile: Einspahr Auto Plaza

Since the fall of 2018, 9 Clouds has been a marketing partner with Einspahr Auto Plaza, a small-town Ford and Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealership in Brookings, South Dakota. 

Together, we’ve grown Einspahr’s brand message, generated leads, analyzed data, submitted co-op documents — and everything in between. 

To Einspahr Auto Plaza, 9 Clouds is not just another agency. We’re their marketing partner.

Part of the Dealership’s Team

Like many dealerships across North America, Einspahr didn’t have the personnel to handle all of the many facets of digital marketing. Hiring the 9 Clouds team allows Einspahr Auto Plaza to focus on selling vehicles, while we handle the following:

After all, even if the dealership did have a dedicated marketing manager, that’s still a lot for one person to take on.

That’s exactly why 9 Clouds is here to support dealerships!

What Does a Partnership With 9 Clouds Look Like?

Personalized Monthly Strategy

Each month, Einspahr’s GM and the 9 Clouds team meet to discuss strategy, brainstorm ideas, and analyze the data from the month prior.

“We understand each other when we’re communicating ideas back and forth,” Matt Einspahr, Einspahr’s general manager said. “We have a really nice relationship of being able to talk about strategy, and that’s that part’s been great.”

Transparent Data and Monthly Reporting

At 9 Clouds, transparent services based on data are part of our manifesto. That’s why we send Einspahr Auto Plaza a personalized, comprehensive report, which we discuss together on each monthly call.

“The monthly reports are in a very digestible format that I can understand,” Matt Einspahr said. “That is a key thing for me. I really enjoy the fact that the meetings that we have every month are really productive. We review what we did the month before, how those campaigns worked, how do we want to tweak things, and it really is an effective way for us to do it. I’ve been very happy with it.”

Timely and Relevant Deliverables

After establishing a strategy for the month, the 9 Clouds team gets to work creating the deliverables to support Einspahr Auto Plaza’s brand message

Here’s an example.

Spring Fling Campaign Collateral for Einspahr

Each March, the dealership launches a month-long “Spring Fling” event during which it invites customers and the local community to visit the flower-filled dealership, enjoy locally made ice cream, and — of course — get a great deal on a new or pre-owned vehicle. 

The 9 Clouds team supports this event online with customized Facebook ads, targeted email messaging, updated website content, and more.

Weekly Communication

Once the month is in full swing, the Einspahr team hears from 9 Clouds at least once a week in an effort to keep both partners on task, on time, and in tune with the results.  

“They do a great job all the way around. They’re very punctual,” Matt Einspahr says. “They do a great job of getting the content out quickly.

Co-op Submissions and Support

As most car dealership owners and managers know, the OEM co-op reimbursement program can add a lot of time to one’s already-full plate. 

9 Clouds can help alleviate the load, just like we do for Einspahr Auto Plaza.

“The co-op process can be kind of complicated and it always seems like it’s changing,” Matt said. “So, it was nice for me to have a company that understands it well, submits everything, and takes a lot of time off my shoulders, frankly.”

Find Your Dealership’s Digital Marketing Partner in 9 Clouds

“We’ve been working with 9 Clouds now for a few years and we’ve seen our message grow, be consistent, and we’re seeing the results for it. Of course, when you’re investing in a digital company to work with, you’re certainly expecting a return on your investment. We feel like we’re getting that.”

Matt Einspahr, General Manager of Einspahr Auto Plaza

Einspahr Instagram

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