Partner Profile: Volvo Cars Memphis

How 9 Clouds Services Have Transformed One Dealership’s Online Presence

The road to a car purchase is increasingly taking place online. The team at 9 Clouds has identified 23 touchpoints customers follow on their car buying journey – and 18 are digital. 

A strong digital presence is vital in finding your customers where they are already spending time and shopping. Digital marketing allows your dealership to market to the people interested in buying from you at the right time in their car-buying journey. 

Increasing Their Online Presence for Car Buyers in Memphis

Volvo Cars Memphis wanted to increase its online presence as a way to drive an increase in sales. The team was not doing any digital marketing and knew there were many opportunities to explore. 

How do you go from no digital marketing to a well-rounded strategy that drives customers to your dealership?

The Volvo Cars Memphis team knew they needed a digital marketing partner that would help guide a strategy to increase their sales and bring in more qualified leads. 

After discussing the many services offered by our team, a plan was tailored to fit Volvo Car Memphis’s needs. 

Our work with Volvo Cars Memphis began in March of 2020 – a potentially risky time to go all-in with digital marketing! Many companies were delaying or ending advertising as businesses and schools shut down across the country – so conventional wisdom might have said “hold off on starting digital marketing.” 

Fortunately, the team at Volvo Cars Memphis recognized the value of marketing online as the pandemic pushed buyers to shop digitally. Our team was able to work with the dealership to craft an effective marketing strategy that fit the situation. 

The Impact of Our Partnership

Volvo Dealership Success in digital marketing

After nine months of working with Volvo Cars Memphis, it’s clear it was a wise investment to pursue digital marketing during COVID. 

Overall sales for Volvo Cars Memphis increased 25% in the first nine months working with 9 Clouds compared to the nine months prior. Internet sales increased 59% during that time.

For comparison, the US car market saw a 14% decrease in sales overall from 2019 to 2020.

“9 Clouds is critical to what we’re doing.”

– Trey Norcross

In addition to looking at dealership sales, we measure key performance indicators (KPIs) which help a dealership sell more vehicles. 

Website users for Volvo Cars Memphis were up 52.97% and sessions on the website increased by 52.53% in the first nine months working with us. Certified VDP views were up 63.44% in the same time frame. An increase in Certified VDP views lends to an increase in leads – and ultimately, an increase in sales. 

We look forward to continuing to work with Volvo Cars Memphis and continue to increase their sales numbers. 

How We Can Help Your Business with Digital Marketing

At 9 Clouds, we find the right tools to fit your budget and your dealership’s needs.

Looking to target a specific location? We can create geofencing ads for direct targeting.

Interested in making improvements to your website? Let us help with search engine optimization

We have a full range of tools at our disposal to help you reach your dealership’s goals through data driven solutions.

Is your dealership ready to start working with a digital marketing partner? At 9 Clouds we work with dealerships starting their digital marketing journey to build a strong foundation and expert marketers who need extra hands to get the work done. 

Reach out to our team to find a solution that best fits your store’s needs.

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