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Cold sales calls and hustling at trade shows are no longer the only way to reach customers — and haven’t been for a while. Customers can research and find options for what they want online. It’s your job to show up where they are, at the right time.

With the right digital marketing strategies, you can beat your competition. Whether your sales cycle is less than three months or more than a year, digital marketing can help you attract new leads, close more sales and prove your return on investment (ROI).

“Prior to collaborating with 9 Clouds, managing every facet of Falcon’s marketing demands was beyond my capacity. However, leveraging their extensive expertise in digital lead generation has catalyzed a remarkable 72% surge in our leads and sales over the past four years.”

-Karissa Kopecky, Falcon Plastics Marketing Manager


SEO Service from 9 Clouds

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Manufacturers

With 70% of all online experiences starting with a search engine, search engine optimization (SEO) continues to be an investment worth making.

SEO helps your site show up on Google, Bing, YouTube and more. Good SEO practices help you rank higher and give your users a better experience when they’re researching or shopping.

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Digital Advertising Service from 9 Clouds

Digital Advertising for Manufacturers

Four out of five American adults go online every day, and 28% admit to going online “almost constantly.” And guess what? That includes the people you are trying to reach!

Digital ads — like on Facebook, Google, TikTok and Instagram — can help you reach new leads that you may have never found. Advanced targeting and creative formats on the right platforms make online advertising a great way to conquer more market share.

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Email Marketing Service from 9 Clouds

Email Marketing  for Manufacturers

Email may be an older marketing tactic, but you can expect an average return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every dollar spent on email marketing!

Our email marketing specialists will help you send emails to the right people, design engaging emails that get more clicks, and keep your potential customers (and past customers) engaged.

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Reporting and ROI Service from 9 Clouds

Reporting and ROI for Manufacturers

The path to purchase in manufacturing is often a long one. How can you help lead customers along that path and prove that they came from the marketing you’re doing?

With the right reporting and powerful lead attribution technology, you can see where leads come from, which platforms are producing sales, and where your marketing is working. Gain the power to prove ROI and budget effectively.

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