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Whether you want to acquire new patients or simply maintain your current clientele, you need healthcare digital marketing to show how your practice stands out.

Today’s healthcare journey begins online. Well before patients ever pick up the phone, they are Googling symptoms, clicking ads on Facebook, and reading reviews of providers in their area — yes, including you and your colleagues!

One article even found that a healthcare practice or hospital’s social media presence indicates to consumers that the hospital offers cutting-edge technologies and strongly affects the choice regarding where to go for healthcare services.¹

While the rest of the medical industry lags behind the times, you can jump ahead by investing in digital marketing practices that attract and educate patients in your community.


SEO for Healthcare Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Showing up on Google is important for any business, but it’s especially important for healthcare providers.

Patients who book healthcare appointments run 3x as many searches as those who don’t.2 These aren’t just “youngsters,” either — at least 57% of baby boomers search for health and wellness information online.3

With search engine optimization (SEO) from 9 Clouds, your website can appear on Google for the questions your patients are asking. Our SEO experts will research search trends in your area, optimize your current site content, and create new web content that speaks to searchers’ needs.

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Online Advertising

Four out of five American adults go online every day, and 28% admit to going online “almost constantly.”4 So why not meet patients where they’re already hanging out?

Healthcare digital advertising spend is on the rise. It was estimated to surpass TV ad spend for the first time in 2021 — so don’t think you can ignore online ads for your practice!5

With 9 Clouds’ online advertising services, you can run ads on Facebook, Google, and other digital platforms that are both creative and cost effective, ultimately bringing more patients to your practice.

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Online Advertising for Healthcare Marketing
Email Marketing for Healthcare

Email Marketing

Email may be an older marketing tactic, but it’s as effective as ever — particularly for the medical industry.

In fact, healthcare emails have an average open rate of 23% — which is higher than almost all other industries!6 You can bet your patients want to open your emails, too . . . if you send the right message to the right people.

When you choose 9 Clouds for healthcare email marketing, you get beautifully designed emails sent to precisely targeted lists of people who actually want to hear from you.

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Lead Tracking

The path to an appointment is often a long one. How can you help lead patients along that path?

You already know that healthcare is all about providing a personalized experience for the patient. Healthcare marketing is the same.7

Our lead tracking service combines powerful software with actionable insights you can use to give your contacts an experience they’ll remember.

By gathering, tracking, and using patient data wisely (and responsibly), you can book more appointments more quickly.

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Lead Tracking for Healthcare Marketing

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