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Attract (and keep) more patients using the most effective digital marketing services.

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9 Clouds: Your Practice’s Digital Marketing Ally

Today’s healthcare journey begins online.

Before a patient ever picks up the phone, they’re Googling symptoms, clicking ads on Facebook, and reading reviews of providers in their area. (And yes, that includes you and your colleagues!)

Thinking about getting started with online healthcare marketing? It’s a smart move!

Whether you’re a medical clinic, a dentist’s office, an optometrist or even a larger hospital, you can grab the attention of patients in your area and give them the info they need — showing them where they should go for their healthcare needs.

“As the marketing and PR director, I can only wear so many hats… [9 Clouds has] consistently shown that they’re able to provide me with the data and information that I need, as well as the skill set and the expertise, where I don’t have the budget to go out and hire a huge staff.”

– Julia Yoder, Marketing and PR Director for Brookings Health Systems
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Could you use a marketing ally who is transparent and focused on your ROI? See what to expect when you work with us.

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Bring More People to Your Practice

Patients who book healthcare appointments run 3x as many searches as those who don’t. SEO boost your ranking on search engines and helps you answer the questions your patients are asking.

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Attract New Patients and Promote Your Clinic 

Meet patients where they’re already hanging out (for 6+ hours a day). Running ads on Facebook, Google, and other digital platforms is a cost-effective to bring more awareness (and patients) to your practice.

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Connect with Patients to Promote Brand Loyalty

Email is as effective as ever — and healthcare emails have a better open rate than almost all other industries! You can bet your patients want to open your emails, too, if you send the right message to the right people.

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Personalize Experiences for Patients Digitally

Healthcare is all about providing a personalized experience for the patient. It’s the same with healthcare digital marketing. By gathering and using patient data wisely (and responsibly), you can book more appointments more quickly.

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Let’s Put Your Healthcare Practice On the Map!

You might not have the capacity to work on all of this, and that’s where partnering with us can help you. We’ve been healthcare marketing allies for more than a decade and have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your business’s digital marketing goals.

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Q: Which Healthcare Services Can I Advertise Online?

A: You can always promote your business in general, but Google has a list of products and services that you can’t promote with Google Ads. As a rule of thumb, we recommend applying that list to all of your online advertising for your healthcare practice.

Here are some digital ad best practices we recommend for your healthcare practice on both search engines and Meta platforms.

Q: How Do You Get More Patients into Your Practice?

A: You can use your healthcare digital marketing strategy to bring new patients through to your practice! We have tons of resources that you can use to improve your current strategy or build a new online marketing strategy for your practice!

Q: How Do I Market a New Doctor’s Office?

A: Make sure that your practice is set up on Google Business Profile (GBP). When people search for your practice, your GBP listing is the first thing they see is the most accurate and updated information.

Optimize your website for new visitors by adding alt(alternative) text to any images, making your content easy to read and skim, putting your practice’s contact information in an apparent spot, and adding links to commonly visited pages.

Q: Can I Use Digital Ads to Hire Clinic Staff?

A: Yes! Digital ads are very effective for hiring. With digital ads, you can reach people actively searching for jobs — or even before they start looking. 

We recently helped a dentist’s office hire a new staff member (after digital ads helped them fill up their current staff’s schedules).