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Demand for meat has increased dramatically over the past several years¹ — which means demand for your cattle, hogs, or other livestock is also on the rise. So how do you capitalize on all this new opportunity?

Digital marketing can help your livestock operation capture a greater market share. How? By meeting your customers where they already are: online.

While the rest of the livestock industry lags behind the times, you can jump ahead by investing in digital marketing practices that attract, educate, and convert your audience.


SEO for Healthcare Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s a clunky term, but an important concept: search engine optimization (SEO) simply means making your website friendly to users so it shows up on Google.

And you want it to show up on Google, because your audience is using it to research, shop, and more. In fact, 78% of all online buying decisions in the U.S. start with a search engine like Google or Bing.²

Farmers and ranchers have an edge, too, because there isn’t as much competition for livestock marketing keywords.

With SEO services from 9 Clouds, we’ll optimize your website to help it show up for the questions, products, and services your customers are typing into Google, Bing, YouTube, and more.

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Online Advertising for Healthcare Marketing

Online Advertising

Four out of five American adults go online every day, and 28% admit to going online “almost constantly.”³ Yes, that includes your customers!

Digital ads — like those on Facebook, Google, and Instagram — can help your livestock operation attract business from far and wide.

More than half of cattle ranchers will travel more than 100 miles to purchase new bulls or heifers.

With the advanced targeting options and creative formats of online advertising from 9 Clouds, you reach these leads and conquer entirely new markets.

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Email Marketing for Healthcare

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful tactics available to livestock marketers. Email marketing incredibly cost effective, generating an average $44 in revenue for every dollar spent.

And since agricultural and food services emails have one of the highest click rates of any industry, your dollar goes even further!

With our livestock email marketing services, we will craft relevant, well-designed emails and send them to segmented lists of your contacts, helping you close the sale faster.

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Lead Tracking for Healthcare Marketing

Lead Tracking

The path to a hog, cattle, or other livestock sale is often a long one. How can you help lead customers along that path?

You already know that the livestock industry is based on strong personal relationships. Livestock marketing is the same.

Our lead tracking service combines powerful software with actionable insights you can use to connect with your contacts in a meaningful way.

By gathering, tracking, and using contacts’ data wisely, you can sell more livestock (or whatever you offer) more quickly.

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