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Marketing Automation

Some marketing tasks are worth pursuing — they just aren’t worth your time.

We can hook you up with our marketing automation software to help you streamline repetitive tasks and provide better lead tracking to guide your contacts quickly (and naturally!) toward a sale.

Not only will you increase efficiency, you’ll also provide a more personalized experience for your contacts.

Facebook Cumulus

Show your vehicles to people who are actually likely to buy them with Cumulus, a special software developed by 9 Clouds that connects your automotive inventory feed with your Facebook catalog.

Because Cumulus ads are dynamic, your ads update automatically, so you never have to edit or remove the vehicles featured. You can even use Cumulus to show retargeting ads to people who have viewed the exact same vehicles on your website, encouraging them to take the next step.

Cumulus gives you the most control and reliability with Facebook catalog ads, setting you up to outpace your competitors’ ads and reach your sales goals.

Hydra Data Formatting

Hydra makes data formatting a breeze.

Making data from your CRM usable in Facebook Offline Events and Custom Audiences can take hours every month. But Hydra can help.

All you have to do is export your list, upload it to Hydra, and download the new spreadsheet, which will be perfectly formatted for your upload to Facebook.

As one client praised, “Hydra is so fast. The turnaround time on it is insane.”

Multi-Touch Attribution

Attribution isn’t easy. How do you know which marketing channel(s) actually helped a customer decide to buy?

Enter our multi-touch marketing attribution software. This tool maps each step of the automotive buyer’s journey to identify where your dollars are well spent — and where they aren’t.

We can connect you with this powerful attribution tool to help you prove ROI, reduce your customer acquisition costs, and maximize your return on ad spend.

Reputation Management

We don’t have to tell you online reviews are important. In fact, they can make or break your business.

But how do you actually get good online reviews? And what should you do about the not-so-good ones?

9 Clouds assists in online reputation management. Along with training you on our best tips for generating and responding to reviews, we can connect you with a modern technology that helps you collect five-star reviews fast.

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