[Case Study] Reynolds & Reynolds CRM Email Tool Integrates with Digital Strategy

When your dealership requires a way to manage your customer database and a unique strategy to reach those customers or potential new customers, why not get the biggest bang for your buck and utilize an all-in-one tool for marketing?

When it comes to CRM tools, there are many to choose from and many factors to consider when picking one for your dealership.

Many CRMs already have a feature for building lists based on certain criteria of your past customers or new leads. Some even have options for organizing a direct mailer to that audience.

But, have you leveraged all of your CRM’s capabilities to reach your past customers and unsold leads in the digital space?

Learn how a two-store auto group utilizes its Reynolds & Reynolds CRM for email marketing.


Staff at a Memphis-based Volvo dealership have previously utilized Reynolds & Reynolds to follow up with leads or customers via automated emails following a visit or interaction with their store.

These typically featured a more general message, and they needed a way to increase exposure to their specific current incentives or offerings with a customized message outside their online ads already running with 9 Clouds.

In addition, this group recently purchased a Mazda store, which meant the two databases were now shared within one system. They needed a way to further differentiate their message without increasing their marketing costs.


With help from 9 Clouds, this auto group utilized the Reynolds & Reynolds email tool built within the CRM. This allowed us to create and store emails within the system, as well as create lists based on data the sales team had gathered from current and past customers and new leads.

Sending email directly through the CRM allows the assigned sales team member to follow up directly with the customer or prospect through one system, with an accurate record of actions taken in the sales process.

Each message is either targeted to a segment based on the vehicle brand purchased or communicates a message — such as service offers — to all customers.

CRM email marketing with Reynolds & Reynolds


Norcross CRM email marketing results

After six months of incorporating email into their digital marketing strategy, this auto group sent emails to an average 2,000 contacts each month, depending on the offer or message. From these emails, they have seen an average open rate of 11.32% and an average click-through-rate of 2.24%.

During this six month time frame, two months included service promotion. From those two emails, the system tracked 84 scheduled service appointments.

Learn More About Email Marketing

Growth for you and your business are our main priority. Utilizing your CRM allows you to track growth all the way from a lead to a customer (and eventually a repeat customer).

We’ve worked with other CRMs and a variety of email sending tools, depending on our clients budgets and capabilities.

If you’re interested in learning more, let us know!

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