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Facebook is Home to Your Customers


160426_9Clouds_ClockIconThe average person spends over 50 minutes a day on Facebook. It is the best place to find potential customers.

What’s more, email address and contact information on Facebook is reliable. Compared to emails in your database that may be out-of-date or quickly entered by staff, Facebook emails are a perfect way to connect with customers.

Simply put: Facebook is the best place to find potential customers.

Start learning how to use Facebook ads in our on-demand webinar series.

How Facebook Can Conquest Customers


Facebook ads are unique because they use all of the personal information we share on Facebook to provide targeted ads. Facebook takes things a step further by adding in Polk data, so you can run ads based on the vehicle someone in your market is currently driving.

Our clients take these ads even further by combining behavioral data and Polk data with purchase history from their CRM. This three-step combination create incredibly targeted ads that are much cheaper than Google or third-party lead providers.

Some of the most successful targets for Facebook ads for auto dealers include ads based on a person’s:

  • Current vehicle
  • Days until purchase calculated by their behavior online
  • Address and interests
  • Personal finance/credit score indicators
  • Visits to your website
  • Days until service is due or equity in their vehicle
  • Status as a lost sale or appointment

Combining web activity with CRM and Polk data is why 9 Clouds recommends Facebook ads as an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

9 Clouds Facebook Ads Packages

9 Clouds offers Facebook advertising as an a la carte marketing service.

Getting started is a simple three step process:

  1. Pick your packages
  2. Get the ads
  3. Review results and improve based on the data

160426_9Clouds_FacesIconPick Your Packages

9 Clouds offers Facebook ads packages based on your goals.

Lead Generation

  • Perfect to attract new customers in your market
  • Uses Polk data
  • 10 ads included

Conquest Customers

  • Perfect to conquest new customers driving competitor brands
  • Uses Polk data and your CRM
  • 5 ads included

Retarget Web Visitors

  • Perfect to reconnect with potential buyers who have visited your site but have not converted
  • Uses Polk data, CRM data and website data
  • 3 ads included

Retain and Upsell Current Customers

  • Perfect to reconnect with past customers who are due for service or have equity and are ready to purchase again
  • Uses Polk data, CRM data, website data and equity mining data
  • 3 ads included

Details for All Packages

  • Each package is a $1,000/mo service investment with no contract. Add or combine packages based on your goals.
  • Your ad budget with Facebook is in addition to the service investment. 9 Clouds takes $0 commission so we can objectively recommend the best budget for your goals
  • An ad is the text, photo and audience that sees the ad on Facebook. If you want to run the same photo and text for two stores or two audiences, that is counted as two ads.

Get the Ads

To start, we ask all potential clients to submit an initial intake form at: https://9clouds.com/fb-ads-onboarding/

Based on your goals and intake form, we will create a strategy and contact you to review our recommendations. With your approval, we create the ads and can connect your leads directly to your website and/or CRM.

Review the Results

Every month, 9 Clouds will review the results on a 30-minute phone call. We will suggest an ad budget, update the ads based on what works and recommend how your sales team can best follow up.

160426_9Clouds_CloudIconLet’s Start

We would love to work with you.

Fill out the onboarding form, and we will contact you.

All of this information is also available as a one-page Facebook ad sales sheet here.

DIY: Facebook Ads Bootcamp

Are you more of a DIY-er? Want to create your own Facebook ads?

We have the perfect solution: 9 Clouds Live


This on-demand video webinar series can take you from Facebook beginner to advanced marketer or from advanced marketer to true expert in a few short hours. Plus, it’s free! Enjoy:

  • Over 100 minutes of step-by-step video that form the core of the boot camp. These are the must-watch sessions that will cover everything you need to effectively use Facebook ads.
  • Links to over 30 articles covering niche topics to help you specialize in certain aspects of Facebook ads or to localize Facebook ads for your market.
  • Bonus spreadsheets, videos and examples for Pro Pack purchases to help you get started immediately based on proven Facebook Ads examples

Along with the videos and articles, the course shares over 50 essential links that will help you find additional resources to hone your Facebook ad skills.

The best part? It’s always fresh.

You have lifetime access to the videos and as Facebook ads change, (which they often do), we will update the lessons.

Click here to watch 9 Clouds Live.

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