Target qualified car shoppers on Amazon with display and OTT ads.

Did you know 66% of all internet users in America use Amazon to start their search for a new product?¹

That’s right — Amazon beats Google in this regard!

With 2.72 billion unique visitors a month,² Amazon allows you to target a huge percentage of car shoppers using display and over-the-top (OTT) channels. Here’s how 9 Clouds can help.

Amazon Advertising Services for Auto Dealers2

Use Amazon’s Detailed Targeting Options

Amazon marketing services include powerful targeting options using information from Edmunds, your own CRM, registered vehicle data, and other reputable sources. Basically, with Amazon ad targeting, the sky’s the limit!

OTT advertising for auto dealers

Advertise on Amazon Display and OTT

Choose from display ads on desktop or mobile (on Amazon’s website and a few partner sites, like TBS and CBS) or videos ads on Amazon’s OTT service (on the Fire homepage and IMDb streaming channel).

Amazon advertising for dealerships

Supplement Your Entire Digital Strategy

Alongside ads on Facebook, Google, and other digital platforms, Amazon advertising is a new, proven-effective option to add to your overall online advertising strategy. Go with an agency that never charges commission on ad spend.

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