Reach (and retarget) qualified leads at any physical location.

How would you like to serve better digital ads to a more qualified audience — and be able to prove they work?

With geofencing marketing from 9 Clouds, you can!

A geofence is basically a virtual fence you can place around any physical location. Not only can you run timely mobile ads to people in that location, but you can also hit those people with retargeting ads later.

You can even prove the ROI of your geofencing ads by seeing whether the people you targeted actually stepped foot in your store.

Geofencing advertising service

Conquest Shoppers at Your Competitors’ Businesses

Geofence your competitors to acquire leads at other stores, dealerships, clinics or auto repair shops (encouraging them to pick yours instead) — and then retarget them throughout their buying journey.

Geographic targeting for digital ads

Target Shoppers at Your Own Business

Since 63% of customers use their phones while at your business, advertise special offers or financing options to customers already in your place of business.

Reaching potential customers at other businesses

Reach Potential Leads at Other Locations

Think of other places your customers might be spending time — like Costco, jewelry stores, or local events — and target them there. Get creative. With geofencing locations and campaigns, the sky’s the limit!

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