Dance into the hearts of active shoppers on TikTok.

With more than one billion monthly active users, TikTok is where the action is with short-form video content. And get this — 40% of those users are 30 or older! 

But here’s the real kicker: Businesses are loving TikTok for its killer digital ad targeting and the sweet return on ad spend (ROAS) it brings to the table.

Let’s crush your business goals with TikTok advertising. We’re not your typical digital ad vendors, since we don’t charge commission on your ad spend. We only suggest spending more if it means more profit for you! And don’t worry, there’s no dancing required. 

Reach a Different Audience

Did you know 40% of TikTok users aren’t on Facebook? Here’s another statistic: 40% of consumers prefer to use TikTok for internet searches instead of Google. 

Use our knowledge to help you reach, connect and market to your potential customers on TikTok.  

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Improve Your Business’s ROAS

Our clients love the quality engagement on ads and websites. They’re seeing lower costs per click compared to Meta platforms (30% less), plus a solid return on ad spend (ROAS) in just a few months.  

Have an inventory or product feed on your website? Showcase it on TikTok!

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Use Your Co-op Dollars

Are you an auto dealer with extra co-op dollars to spend? Spend them on TikTok advertising!

Get ready to tap into a different audience from the Facebook and Instagram crowd at no extra cost to you. You can also repurpose TV ads, saving you the hassle and cost of creating new content. 

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Do You Want Proof? It’s in the Pudding (Metaphorically).

We get it. Everything sounds great — but numbers don’t lie. Check out how our TikTok ads stack up against others in the business.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) benchmarks for TikTok in 2024:

  • Click-through rate: 0.84%
  • Cost per click: $1
  • Cost per thousand impressions: $10

KPI metrics our clients have seen in 2024:

  • Click-through rate: 0.81%
  • Cost per click: $0.72
  • Cost per thousand impressions: $5.28

It Takes Two to Tango. Start Advertising on TikTok.

Is your business ready for TikTok advertising? Let’s get you started! We have the experience to help you establish your brand and reach new audiences.


Do I Have Enough Budget to Advertise on TikTok?

TikTok says you have to have a minimum budget of $50 per day at the campaign level and $20 per day at the ad group level or have an overall campaign spend of $500.

Note: You do not need to set an overall campaign budget, so you can create a campaign with one ad set at $20 a day, and if it runs every day in a 30-day month, will run $600/month which exceeds the $500 minimum.

When Do You Recommend a Business Use TikTok Advertising?

If your client has video assets (or an inventory feed) readily available, and if they already have established a presence on Meta and Google, they may be ready for TikTok advertising.

How Do TikTok Ads Work?

TikTok ads operate similarly to ads on Facebook or Google. You create your ad, choose any targeting you’d like to find your relevant audiences, set up a budget, and press go!

What’s the Best Ad Format for Marketing on TikTok?

While there’s no one ‘best’ ad format, TikTok provides various formats for you to choose from! You can use video or still images, or let TikTok create an ad for you with content from your profile. The ideal media dimension for ads on TikTok is 9:16.

How Effective is Marketing on TikTok?

Costs per click (CPC) on TikTok are 30% cheaper than on Meta platforms. Some research has found it costs 2.5 times more to reach the same number of people on Facebook as it does on TikTok.

TikTok’s engagement rate on TikTok ads is also more than 800% higher than Meta. This is likely due to the authentic nature of the ads on the platform, where they often don’t look like ads, leading to a much higher opportunity for audience engagement.

Do I Need a TikTok Account to Advertise?

Yes, you do. You should also create a business profile for your brand so the ads will be displayed by your business, instead of your personal profile.