Attract and delight active shoppers on TikTok.

The world of social media is constantly changing. In the last few years, there has been change in interest towards video content — specifically, short video content.

With more than one billion monthly active users,1 TikTok has proved its worth by gaining the attention of the masses — who you can reach with advertisements. It’s not just for the “kids”: nearly 40% of users are age 30 or older.2

9 Clouds can help your business reach its goals with advertising on TikTok.

Unlike most digital advertising vendors, our agency charges no commission on your ad spend — so we won’t make you spend more unless it results in more profit for you!

Improve Your Business’s ROAS

Have an inventory feed on your website? You can showcase it on TikTok!

In their first few months of running TikTok ads, our clients have seen quality engagement and great return on ad spend.

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Use Your Co-op Dollars

Have extra co-op dollars to spend at your dealership? Spend them on TikTok.

You’ll be able to reach a different audience than Facebook and Instagram at no extra cost to you!

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Reach a Different Audience

Some data shows that 40% of Gen Z prefers to use TikTok for searches rather than Google.3

Partner with us and we can help them find your inventory over a competitor’s.

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