Capture Your Customers on Snapchat

A decade ago, texting was the go-to way to communicate with friends and family. Then Snapchat introduced a whole new form of communication — allowing users to share photos and videos of everyday moments.

As of 2022, Snapchat has more than 347 million daily users. While it may not seem like a platform for advertising, Snapchat reaches 75% of users between the ages of 13-35 — and not all of those users are using platforms like Facebook.

Here’s how 9 Clouds can help you reach these audiences.

Reach a Growing Audience 

The audience using Snapchat is growing and getting older every day — and their spending power is growing as well.  Our team has seen it perform for advertising, especially for auto dealership inventory.

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Affordable Advertising

Snapchat ads fit any marketing budget. Once you determine your goals with Snapchat, we can help you find the best budget to achieve those goals. Plus, Snapchat’s minimum daily budget is very affordable at only $5/day.

Directly Promote Your Inventory 

Connect your inventory catalog, and Snapchatters can view your products in a shoppable format. These types of ads create an interactive feel to users and encourage them to take action.

Recognized by Co-op

Many automotive brands allow dealerships to use co-op dollars to pay for Snapchat advertising, including Ford and GM brands. This means if you have co-op funds available, Snapchat advertising could be a great option for your dealership.

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