Bring in quality leads who are using LinkedIn.

Do you consider your business as B2B? Then let’s crush your business goals with LinkedIn Advertising.

For just $10 a day, you can plug into their vast professional network (900 million active users) and reach the right audience.

Attract People Who Need Your Business

Our mission? To find the crowd who are really looking for what your business is all about. 

We’re not just tossing things at the wall hoping something sticks. Ad targeting gets seriously focused on Linkedin — job title, seniority, location, size of company, industry and more — and we use some seriously slick strategies to find the right people and get them excited about what you’ve got cooking. 

Target (and Build) the Right Relationships

One large differentiator for LinkedIn is the amount of information users provide about themselves. And it’s professional information, compared to the personal info they’re sharing on other platforms. 

This is the kind of information you need for B2B marketing — so you can find the right people, in the right industries and roles, and persuade them over time. LinkedIn makes that easier, so you can really hone in on the right people for your business. 

Bring In (& Prove) Strong Results

We get it — you want to know just how effective your marketing efforts really are.

LinkedIn Ads is the #1 platform for B2B lead generation. But we don’t just take LinkedIn’s word for it. We use other attribution tools so you see the exact return on investment for your ads.

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Q: Why Advertise on LinkedIn?

A: Like we said earlier, LinkedIn ads are top-tier for B2B lead generation. When you choose LinkedIn to advertise, you are expecting to drive qualified leads that lead to strong relationships and conversions.

Q: How Much Does Advertising on LinkedIn Cost?

A: LinkedIn ads are pretty costly when you compare it to other advertising platforms. However, you are advertising on the best professional network that drives great leads — and B2B generally costs more than B2C. 

LinkedIn recommends a minimum budget of $30. If you are just starting out, though, we usually recommend doing the minimum budget of $10 per day.