[Case Study] Search Engine Marketing Campaigns Deliver Quick Results for Manufacturing Company

Where would you turn if your business needed to produce a large quantity of custom-made plastic or metal parts?

As any 21st-century human would do, you’d likely start by heading to your search engine of choice. That’s where you’ll discover Falcon Plastics.

The midwest-based manufacturing company has several locations around the world and serves a variety of B2B markets, including agriculture, medical and automotive industries. And, as a result of their partnership with 9 Clouds, their potential customers are finding solutions from Falcon Plastics with the click of that handy “search” button.

The Challenge

Falcon Plastics had recently purchased a new facility in the western United States when they called upon 9 Clouds to help them gain traction both in their existing markets and the new one.

The company’s top priority was to increase the number of B2B leads — specifically for their newly acquired sales team in Oregon — by driving more leads to submit the form on Falcon Plastic’s “Direct Quote” page.

It was late 2020, and their marketing team wanted quick digital results in order to inform their 2021 budget planning.

The Solution

9 Clouds worked with Falcon Plastics to craft search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns to a relevant audience using targeted search terms. Our lineup included:

  • Google Search, in order to reach leads who were searching for services and products that Falcon Plastics offers
  • Google Display, to retarget past website visitors and those who had visited competitor websites
  • Bing Search, to offer solutions to in-market leads on the Microsoft Search Network

The 9 Clouds team executed keyword research to create quality Search ads for Falcon Plastics and made strategic budget adjustments to focus digital effort on the newly acquired Oregon market.

In a few months’ time, Falcon Plastic’s marketing team had those quick results they needed to plan for the upcoming year. 9 Clouds was thrilled to help contribute to the company’s core key performance indicator (KPI) with the SEM campaigns.

Let’s take a look.

Digital marketing for manufacturing case study

The Results

In six months’ time, 9 Clouds’ paid search campaigns contributed to 15 Direct Quote form submissions on the Falcon Plastics website, comprising 25% of the total Direct Quote submissions from that time period. 

Year-over-year, there was a 36% increase in Direct Quote submissions.

The leads from these submissions were then passed on to the sales team, providing a jump-start in new business for Falcon Plastics.

Also worth noting is that in the same time period, there were 35 Direct Quote form submissions attributed to organic search. Since Falcon Plastic’s marketing team was quick to implement search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations from the 9 Clouds team, we also see this as a partnership win!

Working with 9 Clouds feels like an extension of our team rather than an agency. They understand our goals and vision and can change strategy at the turn of a pin when our goals need to be adjusted. It’s refreshing to collaborate with a team that is focused on data and attribution.

Karissa Kopecky, Marketing Manager at Falcon Plastics

Search Engine Marketing Results for Manufacturers and More

At 9 Clouds, our team of SEM experts is dedicated to producing results for our manufacturing, automotive and healthcare clients.

We’re not a “set it and forget it” type of agency. In fact, we spend time each week managing and optimizing our partners’ Google and Bing ad campaigns, so they’re always showing up ahead of the competition for relevant searches. 

We value data, and that’s why 9 Clouds partners consistently achieve a return on their ad spend. And, as a reminder, we don’t take a commission from that ad spend!

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