Run dynamic inventory ads on Facebook using our special Cumulus software.

What Is Cumulus?

Cumulus is software that connects your automotive inventory feed with your Facebook catalog. That means you can show cars to people who are actually likely to buy cars.

Because Cumulus ads are dynamic, your ads update automatically, so you never have to edit the price, image, or other vehicle details. You can even use Cumulus to show retargeting ads to people who have viewed the exact same vehicles on your website.

Our Cumulus tool is perfect for advanced marketers and agencies looking to save time, increase clicks, and lower cost with Facebook advertising.

How Does Cumulus Work?

Cumulus for Facebook Ads

Once we’ve connected you with Cumulus, the software will import your inventory feed into your Facebook catalog on a daily basis. That way, your ads are always up to date.

With Cumulus, you can create unique product sets to reflect any portion of inventory you want to promote. For example, you could feature all trucks, all vehicles under $15,000, or all certified pre-owned inventory.

Plus, Cumulus gives you the ability to run dynamic retargeting ads. Unlike regular retargeting ads, these ads show the exact VINs your web visitors have viewed. To enable this feature, we’ll provide you with additional code for your Facebook pixel.

Results with Cumulus

We have seen great success with Cumulus ads — such as a three times higher click-through rate (CTR) compared with non-Cumulus ads — all with little to no management required after launch.

Here’s what one automotive agency says about using Cumulus:

“Integrating Cumulus into my agency was transformative. I not only generated leads for my clients, but also developed a reliable system that assured positive net profit results. It has become a cornerstone product for my team.

– Scott Schubel, Jr., JLS Automotive Marketing and Advertising

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Cumulus for Agencies and Large Groups

While Cumulus is an incredible asset to any dealership, it’s especially impactful for agencies and large auto groups.

As an automotive agency ourselves, we will help you set up Cumulus and train you on the campaigns that work best for large groups.

Once you feel comfortable building campaigns and product sets for one store, you can easily add additional rooftops.

Curious to see how Cumulus could benefit your agency or large group? Click below to contact us, and we’ll reach out to answer your questions and help you get started!