A Powerful Boost for Your Paid Advertising

Make more impactful digital ads by reconnecting active shoppers with the vehicles they have already shown interest in.

  1. Automatically feeds your inventory and any updates into ads on these platforms:
    1. Facebook and Instagram (most popular)
    2. Google
    3. Microsoft
    4. TikTok
    5. Snapchat 
  2. Easily scales across teams or dealer groups.
  3. Includes personal, direct support from a team that created it (and uses it, too).

What Is Cumulus?

Have you ever shopped for something on Amazon or eBay and then seen it again later on Facebook or while searching on Google? That’s what Cumulus does, but with cars

It’s a tool that automatically updates your inventory online and retargets specific products to people who have already visited your site and shown interest. 

Your retargeting ads will update with the most current vehicle information from your inventory feed — saving you time

Dealerships with Cumulus yield a 4x higher click-through rate (CTR) at a cost per click that is 5x cheaper than manually created ads — saving you money

See how one dealership saw an increase in sales and ad clicks using Cumulus with retargeting Facebook ads.

Why Do Dealerships Choose Cumulus?

Cumulus gives you nearly limitless ability to refine and customize which vehicle attributes are sent to your catalog. Dealers can build ads that feature or retarget a specific model, price range, condition, or even your CARFAX™ one-owner vehicles. 

9 Clouds built Cumulus to help serve our own long-standing automotive clients, and we also provide direct support for dealerships and agencies using it.

“Integrating Cumulus into my agency was transformative. It has become a cornerstone product for my team.”

Scott Schubel, Jr., JLS Automotive Marketing and Advertising

Who Should Use Cumulus?

Cumulus gives your dealership or agency the most control and reliability with vehicle catalog ads, setting you up to outpace your competitors’ ads and reach the leads to hit your sales goals. 

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We have several options available for agencies, marketing teams and dealership groups.