9 Clouds Clients Rank Above National Averages for Google Ads

9 Clouds Ads

The Challenge

Our digital marketing agency, 9 Clouds, works with more than a dozen clients on their search engine marketing (SEM) through Google Ads and Bing. Coordinating the accounts of various industries brings a diverse knowledge base to our employees who manage Ads.

In April 2018, WordStream announced its annual Google Ads industry benchmarks for average metrics such as conversion rate, click-through rate (CTR), and cost per click (CPC).

The Solution

Search engine marketing is one of our core services at 9 Clouds. Each client has a dedicated Google Ads manager, who conducts keyword research to identify the most cost-effective keywords and then optimizes the client’s account on a weekly basis.

After keyword research, we work to create relevant, action-driven ads to share on Google and its search partner sites. Using this proactive, data-driven strategy, we are able to lower the cost per click and drive more conversions for our clients.

The Results

Reviewing 25 clients we worked with from 2017 to 2018, we discovered that our clients’ metrics exceed industry standards, not only for our automotive accounts but also for our health, medical, and industrial services accounts.

Click-Through Rate: 92% of Clients Above Average

WordStream notes that the average CTR across all industries is 3.17%. The average CTRs of our clients’ industries are:

  • Automotive: 4.00% (Google Search Network [GSN]) and 0.60% (Google Display Network [GDN])
  • Health and medical: 3.27% (GSN) and 0.59% (GDN)
  • Industrial services: 2.61% (GSN) and 0.50% (GDN)

Of our 25 clients, 92% have CTRs above the standards of their industry. Almost half of our clients have double the standard.

Conversion Rate: 100% of Clients Above Average

Based on 2018 metrics, WordStream reports that “the average conversion rate in Google Ads across all industries is 3.75% for search and 0.77% for display.” The average conversion rates of the industries that 9 Clouds works with are:

  • Automotive: 6.03% (GSN) and 1.19% (GDN)
  • Health and medical: 3.36% (GSN) and 0.82% (GDN)
  • Industrial services: 3.37% (GSN) and 0.84% (GDN)

All of our clients have conversion rates that are double the industry average.

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