Performance Benchmarks for Healthcare Facebook Ads

Performance Benchmarks for Healthcare Facebook Ads

No matter what kind of healthcare practice you’re promoting, Facebook already brings your audience together. That’s why it’s important to understand the data within Facebook.

According to Sprout Social, Facebook’s 2.8 billion monthly active users represent all ages from countries all around the world.

Since Facebook has an impressive library of data with which to find your ideal healthcare audience, and since the cost of a click is less than a cup of coffee, it’s easy to find and attract the right kind of traffic to your website on any day of the week. 

The ads you show to your qualified healthcare audience can take many forms, creating a deep pool of data and insights. 

If you’re like most healthcare practices, you don’t have much time for diving into marketing data — especially when you’re recovering from the effects of a pandemic. That’s why it’s important to keep your eye on the metrics that matter the most.

In this post, we’re boiling down this data to three main data points (what we call key performance indicators or KPIs) that clearly show return on investment for healthcare businesses of all stripes: 

  • Cost per Link Click
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Cost per Landing Page View

Let’s walk through each of these to see how they contribute to your healthcare marketing strategy. 

healthcare benchmarks

Healthcare Cost per Click (CPC): $1.32

For healthcare practices, our first KPI is cost per click (CPC).

Facebook ads are fundamentally a pay-per-click system, so CPC is a valuable KPI for a few reasons:

  • It provides insight into the competition for the audience’s attention.
  • It gives a clear indication of which content Facebook thinks is the most engaging.
  • It evaluates the quality of audiences within the Facebook ad tool. 

Facebook’s “ad auction” system is the behind-the-scenes mechanism where advertisers — including healthcare businesses — compete for attention.

In this system, CPC indicates the market value of a click given the targeting methods and quality of content used in the ad. 

Cost per click is an average of all clicks on traffic-oriented ads (as opposed to ads with video-, event-, or reach-based objectives). We measured it in the “CPC (All)” column in Ads Manager. 

To help our clients get below this benchmark, we use a strategic blend of high-value Lookalike Audiences, retargeting audiences, and interest-based audiences. This strategy allows us to achieve very low CPC numbers for our heathcare Facebook advertising clients. 

Healthcare Click-Through Rate (CTR): 0.83%

Next, we look at CPC’s cousin, click-through rate (CTR), which is also based on traffic-oriented data.

There are many percentages in Facebook advertising, but this one represents the most holistic view of the clicks that occur on an ad. This is measured in the “CTR (All)” column in Facebook Ads Manager. 

CTR is the percentage of impressions that resulted in clicks to the healthcare practice’s website or other assets within Facebook. We chose this metric because it indicates the quality of the relationship of your content to the people viewing it. 

9 Clouds increases CTR by using a mixture of high-value Lookalike Audiences, engaging ad formats, and individualized retargeting based on the most important services or pages on your healthcare website. 

Healthcare Cost per Landing Page View (CPLPV): $0.90

Not all clicks result in quality website visits. To understand how many people actually saw the web page linked in your ad, we use the metric of cost per landing page view (CPLPV), which is calculated with traffic-based ads for clients with Meta pixels installed on their sites. 

We chose CPLPV as a KPI because Facebook ads should drive only the most qualified healthcare leads to your site — visitors who actually wait for the page to load and then spend time on your site. 

Cost per landing page view provides directional guidance by reporting the number of times a person clicked on your ad link and then successfully loaded your landing page. 

At 9 Clouds, we focus on creating a satisfying experience for your visitors. This involves carefully setting the targeting, ad creative, and destination page. By constantly testing our methods, we’re able to ensure the quality of our ad traffic after the click happens. 

We strive to keep our average cost per landing page view low by linking our ads to the most relevant content on our clients’ websites. Higher-quality traffic results in higher-quality leads.

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CPC and CTR data courtesy of WordStream

CPLPV benchmark calculated with external factors and client data