Is Your Healthcare Business Looking for Real Insight From Facebook Ads?

Is Your Healthcare Business Looking for Real Insight From Facebook Ads?

At many levels, every good healthcare practice needs good insight to achieve its goals. Even when they’re booked out for months, healthcare practices still need to align their online marketing efforts toward three priorities:

  1. Maintaining a current patient base
  2. Attracting new patients
  3. Educating their communities

Facebook ads are a great way for healthcare professionals to achieve all three of these objectives.

The problem is that Facebook is a firehose of data, and it’s hard to know if you’re really getting a good return for the time and effort you’re putting into it. But after reading this post, you’ll know exactly where to look.

Tips and Tricks for Targeting Healthcare Facebook Ads

Previously, we’ve discussed the useful marketing analytics for your healthcare practice, but now we want to take another step back to look at the insights that are available within Facebook’s advertising tools.

Our agency has worked with a wide variety of healthcare clients, and we’re excited to share some of our best tips to help your practice on the world’s most popular social network.

Instead of throwing your money into the Facebook vacuum, set your healthcare ads up for success by listing out what you want in return—whether that’s clicks, website visits, leads or other conversions you’re looking for.

Audience Insights for Healthcare Practices

To achieve your goal for your campaign, you’ll need to understand who your ideal audience really is. Facebook has a great tool for this called Insights, which is free for any advertiser.

Audience Insights for Healthcare Practices on Facebook

These insights include results from your Facebook Page posts, as well as the demography and interests of your unique audience. You can even create a Custom Audience using filters within the Insights section.

More Facebook Ad Targeting Tips

In addition to inspecting the Insights tool, we also recommend perusing our post about the best targeting tips for healthcare ads on Facebook.

When a campaign is finished, head to Ads Manager to view its results, and see how they match up with the expectations you had at the beginning of the month (or however long you ran it). This is where the healthcare Facebook ad metrics and measurements come in handy.

Advertising Insights for Healthcare Practices on Facebook

Within a campaign in Ads Manager, click on “View Charts” where you’ll find a variety of charts and graphs to help you understand the audience your campaign reached as well as how that audience engaged with your ads.

Why Insights Matter for Healthcare Marketing

Today, healthcare journeys begin online. Before patients ever pick up the phone to call your practice, they are Googling their symptoms, clicking on digital ads and referencing online reviews.

Your practice can jump ahead by investing in digital marketing practices that attract, educate and delight patients in your community. By digging for insights from Facebook, your practice can focus its marketing efforts on continual growth.

In many cases, the best way for a healthcare practice to get real insight from Facebook ads is to partner with a marketing agency. If you’re looking for someone to run Facebook ads for your healthcare practice — and to generate insights from doing so — take a look at our starter packages.

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