The Intangible Benefits of Being a 9 Clouds Partner

The Intangible Benefits of Being a 9 Clouds Partner

Why do auto dealerships, healthcare practices, and other businesses hire a digital marketing agency? The obvious answers are often reasons such as:

  • Bring more traffic to the website
  • Increase Internet leads to the CRM
  • Improve organic search results
  • Reach new potential customers in the area

9 Clouds delivers all of these tangible results with data to back them up, and that alone could make our clients satisfied with our partnership. But, fortunately for our clients, our bar is much higher than simply delivering tangible results.

If you’re considering hiring a digital marketing agency to partner with, read on to learn about the benefits enjoyed by 9 Clouds partners.

Why Work With 9 Clouds?

For more than a decade, 9 Clouds has been helping businesses like yours generate leads, customers, and positive ROI using the power of digital marketing.

We are a humble yet powerful team in the Midwest that partners with dealerships and businesses all over the country. Here’s what our clients get from us:

  • Long-term vision
  • Dedicated teamwork
  • Exclusive expertise
  • Custom packages

But, we’re not just all talk. We’ll explain how we actually deliver on these four benefits.

Long-Term Vision

We are committed to our clients’ success — that’s why we actually refer to them as marketing partners.

Our marketing partners view 9 Clouds as an extension of their own team — helping provide industry insight and support over the long haul.

In fact, we have several marketing partners that have been working with our team for more than five years, such as this healthcare system.

And when we commit to our partners’ success, that means we won’t work with a competitor in their market. So, if our partner is selling new Fords in Nashville, we’re not going to sign on an automotive dealership of any brand in the same market — no matter how large of a package they’re interested in with 9 Clouds!

Our partners’ success is our success, and we’re not willing to compromise that.

Dedicated Teamwork

Each 9 Clouds partner has a dedicated account manager and team of creative strategists who learn the partners’ business, market, pain points, and more.

Our partners meet with the same team each month and know who they’ll receive emails from during the week. Plus, our team gets to know our partners pretty well, too, often sharing jokes or pet anecdotes on calls.

This dedicated team meets regularly with our partners via Zoom or, occasionally, in person. We launch campaigns and content quickly and on time, and partners hear from their team at least weekly. We’re always available to our partners for a quick phone call or email.

Our team and our partners put our brains together each month to discuss how to strategically align our marketing efforts with their unique goals. At 9 Clouds, we could convince all of our partners to let us use every single “bright and shiny” new marketing platform and to spend as much money as they can on advertising — and we could execute that strategy well, too. But, instead, we create our strategy based on our partners’ specific strengths, pain points, and overall business goals.

Sometimes, that means our team comes to a monthly meeting with a recommended plan for the month and ends up having to scrap it entirely to better align with whatever our partner is dealing with that month (like maybe they accidentally ordered 30 new minivans to the lot instead of five, so our campaigns need to focus on selling those! Yes, this is a real situation we have encountered.)

Whatever the goals are, our team is dedicated to helping partners reach them.

Exclusive Expertise

But, aside from the expertise of each client team, the wider team at 9 Clouds relies on each other for insight, research, and brainstorming. So, even though our clients have a dedicated team of three or four, they’re really getting the whole 9 Clouds team behind the scenes.

And trust me, we have crazy-smart nerds doing constant background work that our partners aren’t even aware of, keeping tech running smoothly and addressing potential issues so that our partners never see the impact. We also build huge problem-solving software like Hydra, which allows us to efficiently do data-based work for our partners.

Plus, each of our content strategists has time dedicated each week to researching their own specializations and working on certifications. That means that team-wide, we’re constantly on top of marketing industry news and updates, so you don’t have to be.

So, you could hire 12 people to oversee your marketing. Make sure you have a web developer in the mix, a search engine optimization genius, and an organizer who can keep every single person and task on time and on budget.

Or just hire 9 Clouds. 😉

“I don’t have the budget to hire 13 people to work for me. That’s why I work with 9 Clouds.”

9 Clouds Marketing Partner

Our expertise doesn’t only include digital marketing-related knowledge, either. While we’re always on top of industry changes and tools that will impact our partners, such as the ever-changing Facebook advertising landscape, we also offer expertise in our partners’ industries.

Can I get a shout-out for co-op regulations, auto dealers? Yeah . . . we’re on top of that, too. We’re familiar with various co-op programs and take care of submitting our dealers’ claims, so it’s one less thing for them to worry about each month.

Custom Packages

When it comes to digital marketing packages, one size does not fit all.

We believe that at 9 Clouds, so we don’t try to sell potential partners on a package that doesn’t specifically address their needs, pain points, and budget.

That’s why when a potential partner reaches out to us, we schedule a free marketing assessment to see if the partnership would be a good fit for both parties — it goes back to that long-term vision mentioned above!

We even offer a few starter packages to get you started with our basic services. There are a few options for you to choose from, all with clearly marked pricing, and all made with your business’s needs in mind.

And, worth noting is that 9 Clouds charges no commission on ad spend, so partners who opt for our digital marketing services aren’t sinking a lot of money into minimal results.

See For Yourself

Looking for a digital marketing partner, but you’re not sure which to choose? (We know that you have a lot of options.)

In our free eBook, Questions to Ask Your Agency, we list and explain the most essential questions to ask a current or potential agency about:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Lead tracking
Questions to Ask Your Digital Marketing Agency eBook - 9 Clouds

Whatever digital services you’re seeking, this eBook addresses the key concerns to raise so you know, without a doubt, that your next marketing relationship will last — and get you the results you want.

And, if you think that 9 Clouds’ values outlined above align with yours, we’d love to schedule a free digital marketing assessment with you to learn more about each other.

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