Partner Profile: Falcon Plastics

Filling In When One Marketer Can’t Do It All

Everyone wishes they had another hour or two in the day to accomplish everything on their list. Unfortunately, when you’re the only person in the marketing department, it can be difficult to check off to-do lists.

Falcon Plastics has four manufacturing plants throughout the US with headquarters in Brookings, SD. When Karissa Kopecky started as Marketing Manager at Falcon Plastics, she was building the marketing department from the ground up.

She reached out to 9 Clouds to find a team with the expertise to step in where she needed support.

How Our Partnership Works

Kopecky, with a long-running marketing career, could do it all if she had the time. She wanted a team who could complement what she had time for and where she needed something taken off her plate. 

9 Clouds was the perfect fit. With our partnership, we’re responsible for:  

help marketing manufacturing

The Benefits From Our Partnership

Falcon Plastics sales process can be anywhere from a few short months up to two years. Setting up long-term goals during monthly meetings and annual reviews allows our team to collaborate and give second opinions when Kopecky needs additional insight or wants to brainstorm ideas on any marketing project.

“Prior to collaborating with 9 Clouds, managing every facet of Falcon’s marketing demands was beyond my capacity. However, leveraging their extensive expertise in digital lead generation has catalyzed a remarkable 72% surge in our leads and sales over the past four years.”

-Karissa Kopecky, Falcon Plastics Marketing Manager

Kopecky has been able to bring in new markets and coordinate business development with marketing. She’s seen a 44.69% increase in overall sales from all of her marketing efforts. Our collaboration has also helped to shorten the sales funnel for a few new clients from a typical 18-month churn by up to 50%.

Help Us Help You

If your marketing department meetings consist of one person, reach out to our team to see how we can help add in the missing services you don’t have the time for.

We continue to build on our client’s success each month of our partnership. From smashing industry benchmarks to higher lead and sales increases, 9 Clouds doesn’t just turn on your campaign and forget about it.

See why our clients choose us — and stay with us, on average, for more than four years.

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