Manufacturing Client Improves SEO, Finds Leads with Digital Marketing Strategies

Manufacturing SEO Case Study

The Challenge

Inbound digital marketing seemed very strange to our manufacturing client when the company approached 9 Clouds about a partnership in 2015. And that’s no surprise — the manufacturing industry has been slower to implement digital marketing strategies than others. However, this team found that their willingness to try something new put them far ahead of the competition in the manufacturing sphere.

Specifically, this client is a small, family-owned business operating out of the rural Midwest. While the team realized the value in a digital marketing strategy, they weren’t sure how to go about getting started. They knew they were losing leads and traffic online, as their digital presence wasn’t optimized to capture visitors, but they didn’t know how to solve this problem.

9 Clouds was happy to help.

Our team stepped in to help define customer personas and fully realize an inbound marketing plan that drove leads and increased sales over the course of three years.

The Solution

The first step for this manufacturing client was to assess its overall digital presence, which was operational but not well defined. Content was being created, but it wasn’t done with a target audience or specific goal. We worked with the in-house marketing team to define marketing personas for the business and started planning all content with one of those key demographics in mind.

We determined that technical search engine optimization (SEO) changes, along with regular content publication, would help this client capture the untapped manufacturing market online. In addition to making website updates, we created blog posts and landing pages that led to conversion opportunities for those newly defined personas.

All of this was complemented with email marketing and Facebook advertising campaigns, which allowed us to find new buyers the client might not have otherwise reached.

The Results

Although once uncertain about inbound digital marketing, this manufacturing team realized the value in these strategies as they started to see the results. In the course of nearly three years together, we helped this client:

  • Increase overall website traffic by 80%
  • Increase organic traffic by 31%
  • Increase form submissions by 84%

This increase in website conversions gave the company’s sales representatives more leads and, ultimately, more sales. The in-house marketing team worked hand-in-hand with our strategists throughout our partnership, and we were excited to see them continue these inbound marketing strategies into the future!

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