Component Manufacturer Forges Strategic Digital Marketing Partnership with 9 Clouds

Manufacturing Digital Marketing Case Study

The Challenge

Back in 2014, a global components manufacturer had just two people handling all digital marketing efforts for its global headquarters. With such limited time and resources, they could manage only basic social media posts, a handful of emails per month, and a couple of webinars per year.

They needed help — not just to accomplish more tasks, but also to improve the entire digital marketing strategy at their company. They saw the value in online marketing, but they didn’t have the bandwidth to manage it all internally. They knew that enlisting a specialized agency would take their efforts to the next level.

We had no idea what SEO was or how to tackle that project. Our social media had no focus or content calendar. We were also facing a shortage of manpower.”

The Solution

The components manufacturer hired 9 Clouds in 2014 to act as a digital marketing arm for the company.

Knowing 9 Clouds’ reputation as an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing, the company enlisted 9 Clouds to help improve its online presence — for search engines, for customers, and for its large internal staff.

9 Clouds has helped us identify metrics and KPIs, build a bridge between our marketing team and our web developer, and connect our marketing team with our sales team.”

The Results

Over the course of our partnership (now five years and counting), 9 Clouds has helped this manufacturer improve all aspects of digital marketing, from high-level strategy sessions to in-the-weeds technical tweaks.

Some specific highlights of our partnership include:

  • Email click-through rate has increased 4.21% over a two-year period, from 2.03% in 2016 to 6.24% in 2018.
  • Website traffic has increased 4% over a four-year period, from 106,688 page views in 2014 to 111,333 page views in 2018.
  • Social media reach has increased to more than 4.5 million people, thanks to tools and tactics suggested by 9 Clouds.

It’s not all about the metrics, though. The company — now with an internal marketing department of three (and growing) — appreciates how our team has continually offered creative insights into the company’s overall content strategy. In their words: 9 Clouds is very good about repurposing materials into blogs, and they are very knowledgeable about composing emails in a way that is eye-catching and useful.”

Aww, shucks!

On our part, we’ve highly enjoyed working with this manufacturing company for the better part of the last decade. Along with forging a fantastic rapport with its marketing team, we’ve been able to show how a full-service digital marketing package can really pay off in the long term.

We wanted our customers and our sales team to have a more personal experience with our company, and the content created by 9 Clouds helps give them that feeling. 9 Clouds also helps to push us to increase our goals while always keeping those goals within reach.

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