New Orleans and Cedar Rapids show that destruction can lead to a renaissance. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for a flood to recreate. Reflect on what is needed in the Networked Age and bring it to life. You'll have a head start on the inevitable changes approaching.


How to Save a Community

The success of your community, whether it is a physical community or an online community, depends on this small number of community champions. We can be creators in our own communities. Read full story...

3 Ways to Build an Audience with Time

Unlike money, time has absolute value. Use yours to build your tribe. Simon Sinek argues in his recent book, Leaders Eat Last, that money has a redeemable value. You spend it, waste it and you make more of it. When time is gone, however, you cannot get it back. What’s more, everyone has the same amount of [...] Read full story...

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Find and connect with new influencers in your niche with Followerwonk

by on April 9th, 2014

Here at 9 Clouds, we frequently remind you about the importance of building a solid foundation (what we like to call your homebase). It’s not just important, it’s vital to the success of your digital marketing efforts. While building this stellar homebase is key to running a successful operation online, it’s just as important to [...] Read full story...

Giants of Iceland

Life After Tampons

Our better self lies within us. Hemingway had to pick up a pen. Prefontaine had to take a run. Costeau had to learn to SCUBA. We can mold ourselves, our business and our community through repetition, rehearsal and discipline. To grow and improve, you can’t do it alone. You need a league of giants. The Beach [...] Read full story...


Here is the Best Community on Earth

As Marc Winn sees it, you have three choices: Choose a community you want to live in Make your own community Transform your community to the community you want to live in Winn chose the latter, caffeinating himself and those around him to the point they decided to make their home of Guernsey the best community [...] Read full story...

Patrick Anderson - PJ Anderson Photography

9 Clouds Academy Member Spotlight: Patrick Anderson

by on March 26th, 2014

It’s time to feature another one of our standout 9 Clouds Academy members in a member spotlight. This week, we are excited to introduce Patrick Anderson of PJ Anderson Photography and The Fugitives on the Forgotten Highway Project. Tell us your story  I’ve been a lifelong artist.  My first works include a pencil and crayon series of [...] Read full story...