3 Reasons to Choose Your Community

We choose where we spend our energy and work. Today I’m asking you to choose your community just as my ancestors have done the past four generations. There are three reasons to participate in your community: 1. When you participate in your community, you make your community better. 2. When your community improves, your work [...] Read full story...


How to Launch – 2 Tools and 4 Steps

If a Tree Falls in a Forest… Making the decision to create a product, start a business, host an event or share an idea is a heroic act. Few of us use the platforms available to actually create. Unfortunately, if you take this bold step and nothing happens, you are immediately discouraged. Too often I [...] Read full story...

SEO tips from 9 Clouds

How to Measure your SEO Effectiveness with Open Site Explorer

by on July 16th, 2014

In our latest 9 Clouds Academy consulting session, we took a deep dive into search engine optimization, or SEO. Continual monitoring and modification of your SEO is vital if you want to be visible online. There are a multitude of tools available to help you in your efforts. Today, I’m going to explain how you [...] Read full story...


LeBron Just Saved Your City

Place matters The environment where we grow up influences our ideas, imagination and relationships. Our home communities are the launching pad from which we explore the world, most often leaving to find the perfect place to live and work. This usually means moving to the city, leaving rural and small communities to slowing decline. Fortunately, there is [...] Read full story...


Imagination Differentiation [Podcast]

Unique experience provides an opportunity for one-of-a-kind creation. As businesses and communities we should focus on local problems. When looking at local problems, we have an “imagination differentiation” that enables us to see solutions others miss. This unique perspective breeds creation that can exported to similar communities around the globe. Our most recent podcast episode [...] Read full story...

9 Clouds Incorporation Scott Meyer and John Meyer

5 Lessons from 5 Years of 9 Clouds

Five years ago my brother and I sent in our papers and officially started 9 Clouds. Today our business has grown from two dudes in an empty office to a team of nearly 20 amazing employees working to change the world. We've learned a lot and wouldn't be here without supporters like you. As a [...] Read full story...

Facebook dark posts

Test Your Ads with Facebook Dark Posts

by on June 25th, 2014

If you advertise on Facebook and you aren’t utilizing dark posts in your ad strategy, you’re missing out. So just what are these dark posts and why are they so awesome, you ask? Let me explain. What are Facebook Dark Posts? Also known as unpublished posts, dark posts are the epitome of split testing. Facebook dark [...] Read full story...


The Creative Capital of South Dakota

Success communities and businesses create audacious goals. Make a goal for your community to be a creative capital. Brookings is the Creative Capital of South Dakota Recently a small group of engaged community members in my hometown of Brookings sat down to plan our upcoming TEDx event. We asked: why stop with a single event focused on creativity? [...] Read full story...

Google My Business intro video

Google+ My Business Launch – “The upgrades are huge!”

Last week, Google launched the biggest upgrade to hit Google Places for Business. Google launched My Business and the upgrades are huge. Now, Google Places for Business is Google My Business. My Business unifies metrics and business listing options in one dashboard. This means you need to visit one page to update business information and view [...] Read full story...