The Fastest Way to Format Your Data for Facebook and Google Ads

Save time and prove ROI with Hydra, which quickly formats your CRM data for things like:

  • Importing to email clients
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook targeting and reporting

We’ve used Hydra with our clients for years — and now, we’re making it available to you.

What does Hydra do?

What Is Hydra?

Have you ever tried uploading a list of leads or sales from your CRM to Facebook or Google Ads for use in ad targeting or reporting? If so, you know how tedious the process can be.

That’s why 9 Clouds made Hydra.

With custom filters we can build to fit any CRM, your data processing can take minutes instead of hours — making it easier than ever to create powerful audiences and prove ROI!

Why do people use Hydra?

Why Do Businesses Use Hydra?

Your CRM data is your secret weapon for advertising. Not only can you use it to create Custom and Lookalike Audiences for targeted ads, but you can also use it to measure the success of your campaigns with Offline Events.

The problem is, the data file exported by your CRM needs a major makeover before it’s ready for Facebook or Google.

With Hydra, all that work is done for you!

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Who Should Use Hydra?

Hydra is perfect for anyone who wants to upload lists to Facebook and Google Ads for better ad targeting and attribution.

Because we can build custom filters for your business, we can work with any CRM — including VinSolutions, DealerSocket, eLead, and more.

We created Hydra to save time for our clients years ago. Now, you can use it, too!

“Hydra is so fast. The turnaround time is insane.”

– 9 Clouds Client

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