The Fastest Way to Format Your Data for Online Marketing Platforms

Save time and prove return on investment (ROI) with Hydra, which quickly formats your CRM data for things like:

  • Importing to email clients such as Mailchimp, HubSpot and more
  • Google Ads audience lists and offline events tracking
  • Meta ads targeting and offline events tracking
  • LeadsRx attribution reporting

We’ve used Hydra with our clients for years — and now, it’s available to you.

Taking the Pain Out of Formatting Data

You want to use a list from your CRM for targeting or reporting. Before you can upload it, though, you have to format the data. 

Of course, Facebook, Google Ads, Mailchimp and other platforms each need a unique set of fields or different formatting for uploads. Or they need unique properties for data because of a law like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

Let’s just say, the process can be tedious. That’s why we created Hydra.

What Can Hydra Do For You?

Imagine it: your data process time shrinks from hours to minutes — thanks to Hydra. 

With custom filters built to fit your CRM, Hydra makes it easy to create powerful audiences and prove offline sales ROI! 

Our team has created filters for more than a dozen CRMs to format the data for countless marketing platforms. Your time is valuable. Hydra optimizes your workload and saves you time.

Why do people use Hydra?

Why Do Businesses Use Hydra?

Your CRM data is your most powerful weapon for advertising — for targeting ads to custom audiences and measuring campaign performance (with offline events).

Businesses use Hydra to give the data file exported by a CRM a major makeover, making it ready for exporting to any marketing platform.

You import one sales file and one leads file, and boom! You can export your “hydrated” (think: formatted) files, ready to use as you need.

woman working at mazda dealership on laptop

Who Should Format Lists Using Hydra?

Hydra is perfect for anyone who wants to upload lists to Facebook, Google Ads and other platforms for better ad targeting and attribution. Need data formatted frequently? Cut out the repetitive spreadsheet work and get your needed output in record time.

We can build custom filters for your business, meaning we work with any CRM — including VinSolutions, SalesForce, DealerSocket, HubSpot, eLead and more. 

“Hydra is so fast. The turnaround time is insane.”

– 9 Clouds Client

Save Time and Be More Efficient with Hydra

We created Hydra to save time for our clients (and ourselves) years ago. Talk to us about doing the same for your business.