California Dealership Finds Facebook Data Import Efficiency in 9 Clouds’ Tool

The Challenge

Do you want to use Facebook’s data import tools to either create list-based custom and Special Ad Audiences or to utilize Offline Events to see a return on investment (ROI) for your dealership’s Facebook ads?

You may be hitting a common roadblock: the sales data from your customer relationship management (CRM) system is in a completely different format than what Facebook’s tool accepts.

You don’t have the time to manually reformat data every month. You’re not sure if it’s worth the effort.

Have you been there?

That’s the predicament that the marketing team at Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac in Temecula, California, encountered. Their options were to:

  1. Spend hours each month in spreadsheets, removing extra data and reformatting information before uploading their data into Facebook.
  2. Skip the headache and forego utilizing their valuable CRM data, and just hope that their automotive ads were reaching the right audience.
  3. Call upon 9 Clouds and the use of our custom tool, Hydra, which makes data formatting a breeze.

The team at Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac had an existing relationship with 9 Clouds because they’d been using our Cumulus software, which connects a dealer’s automotive inventory feed with their Facebook catalog.

Given the success they’d had using Cumulus, reaching out to 9 Clouds was a natural next step amid the team’s data frustrations.

The Solution

To create a smoother, more efficient way for Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac to import data into Facebook, 9 Clouds offered our custom tool, Hydra, as an add-on service to their existing Cumulus package.

Hydra makes data formatting simple.

All the marketing team at the dealership had to do was export their customer lists from the CRM, upload that data into Hydra, and download the new spreadsheet, which was perfectly formatted for Facebook’s list uploading tool.

Of course, 9 Clouds did some behind-the-scenes work to make this process happen so swiftly. But once it was set up, the team at Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac was ready to roll with an efficient and reliable data import process.

The Results

Brandon, the Internet Marketing Assistant at Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac, says he couldn’t be more pleased with using Hydra in the dealership’s Facebook advertising efforts.

“It’s so quick, easy, and smooth,” Brandon said.

Brandon explains that while he’s comfortable using Excel and working in spreadsheets, the way his CRM exports data doesn’t sync with Facebook’s import requirements, and he was previously spending a lot of time manually cleaning up the data.

Now that the dealership’s marketing team has their hands on Hydra, they have the time and capacity to actually utilize Facebook’s list tools in their ad targeting.

“Hydra is so fast. The turnaround time on it is insane,” Brandon said.”Everything was super clean, and I had all my rows get accepted [by Facebook] without having to change anything.”

Want to Learn More?

If your dealership is running ads on Meta but not utilizing list-based custom or Special Ad Audiences — or the Offline Events tool — it’s time to start.

Perhaps, like the team at Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac, you’re overwhelmed with the process. We can make it easier for you — just like we did for Brandon — with our Hydra data formatting tool.

If your dealership needs to become more efficient in working with data for Facebook, running digital ads, or something else, let us know!

If you need a clear picture of your marketing ROI, we have a new package offer for that as well. Our tools will show you exactly what your marketing dollars are doing and where that money is going.

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