JLS Uses Cumulus to Promote Inventory with Scalable (and Powerful) Facebook Ads


The Challenge

As an automotive marketing agency, JLS Automotive was looking for the best solution to integrate Facebook marketing into its suite of services.

With clients ranging from small, single-point dealerships to large metro groups, JLS needed a time-effective, scalable solution that converted leads and sales.

The Solution

JLS used 9 Clouds’ exclusive tool Cumulus to connect its dealerships’ inventory feeds with their Facebook catalogs.  This dynamic connection gave JLS the ability to effectively market its clients’ inventory to likely buyers in their market in a cost-effective and efficient way.

With Cumulus VIN tracking, JLS was able to utilize the Facebook platform to dynamically retarget vehicles to bottom-funnel, in-market car shoppers, showing them the exact vehicles they had been viewing on the dealership websites.

The Results

JLS saw an immediate lift in leads and sales for its automotive clients. Facebook marketing has now become a forefront focus for JLS when developing client marketing strategy.

At a Single-Point Store in Rural North Carolina, JLS Saw:

  • More than 1,000 new clicks to vehicle detail pages (VDPs)
  • A 25% lift in online lead volume
  • 20 attributable sales in month one

At a Large Metro Group, JLS Saw:

  • Facebook marketing with Cumulus technology responsible for most quality new website traffic behind Google PPC, organic search, and direct search
  • An overall reduction of advertising cost with greater return on investment (ROI) targeting in-market shoppers
  • Consistent sales attribution of 12-18 vehicles per month, per store

How JLS Is Using Cumulus to Grow Its Agency

JLS has continued to leverage Cumulus for new automotive clients. With a fast on-boarding process, new clients have experienced setup and campaign execution in as little as four business days. And thanks to direct attribution tracking, clients are seeing immediate results in month one.

The partnership between Cumulus and JLS has provided the fast boost in VDP view volume and sales that many dealerships are searching for today.

Integrating Cumulus into my agency was transformative. I not only generated leads for my clients, but also developed a reliable system that assured positive net profit results. It has become a cornerstone product for my team.

—Scott Schubel, Jr., JLS Automotive Marketing and Advertising

Want to Learn More? 

Cumulus is a powerful tool in the hands of advanced marketers and agencies. Click here to learn more about using Cumulus to automatically import your inventory into a Facebook catalog.