Facebook and Google Ads Boost Phone Calls for Wyoming Cattle Marketing Operation

One of the best things about working with 9 Clouds is that you get a valuable digital strategy on your own terms. This even applies to Wyoming cowboys. 

While many digital agencies will push you to adopt their view of success in digital marketing — clicks, visits, rankings, etc. — the best real-world results come from education and collaboration

For one cattle broker based in Wyoming, 9 Clouds has generated thousands of website visits and created hundreds of digital leads who are looking to buy or sell cattle. 

As opposed to cookie-cutter strategies from many online advertising agency strategies, 9 Clouds listened to the needs of Williamson Land & Cattle and tailored their online package to the specific needs of these ranchers. We found a way to connect our services to the way they already do business. 

This tailored approach has paid off big for our partnership.

In every market — including cattle — time is short, and vendors are plenty. The revolving door of digital help can exhaust even the most tech-savvy marketing manager. 

But for Williamson, digital help comes easy with integrated services from 9 Clouds.

The Challenge

Throughout the last few years, notoriously offline cattle dealers have seen a boom in online interest. Bud Williamson recognized this trend early on and sought to connect the demand for his product with interested buyers online. 

With a brand new website and his cell phone in hand, Bud and his family reached out to 9 Clouds to find the best way to grow their list of cattle buyers and sellers. Family ranchers themselves, Williamson prides itself on understanding the specific values of ranchers. These values are reflected in the open, honest, and proactive aspects of their work with buyers and sellers.

While their website and Facebook page have been buzzing, phone calls remain a staple of Bud’s process. 

“It’s nice to get people to send us messages through the website and on our Facebook page, there’s nothing quite like a phone call,” Bud said. “That’s where our business really gets done.” 

After their new website was created, and after seeing a spike in online interest for cattle, Williamson’s team began looking for other solutions to reach more ranchers in the U.S.

The Solution

With the challenge at-hand, 9 Clouds put together a powerful package of services including: 

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure their site can be found easily on Google and other popular search engines. 
  • Building out topical web pages to help visitors learn about Williamson, its inventory, and its buying and selling processes. 
  • Search engine advertising to help them show up in search results when people are looking to buy or sell cattle, which drives traffic to the website.
  • Facebook advertising to reach interested buyers and sellers, driving them to the website and encouraging them to contact Bud.

With this program in place, 9 Clouds configured a two-campaign strategy on Facebook. The first campaign reached a “top-of-the-funnel” audience in several cattle-producing U.S. states. The ads in this campaign informed viewers about the services available from Williamson and prompted them to visit the new website. In the first three months, these ads brought more than 13,000 Facebook users to the website

Then, in a second retargeting campaign, we showed ads to anyone who had been tracked on the website, or who had recently engaged with previous ads or posts on Williamson’s Facebook page. 

The Results

In the first three months, our services resulted in increases to several key areas of their marketing strategy:

  • SEO: Monthly organic search traffic increased by 221.17% 
  • Google Ads brought 6,503 new visitors to their website 
  • Facebook Ads reached more than 295,000 people and brought more than 6,300 visitors to their three main product pages: Bred heifers, bred cows, and cow/calf pairs. 

9 Clouds services go beyond the click. Thanks to the “click-to-call” ads in the retargeting campaign, Bud was able to speak on the phone with dozens of interested people from all of the targeted states. 

Throughout these three months, our team has also improved or created new key pages of their website, including pages on their unique buying and selling processes. 

Ready for Your Own Results? 

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