Pick an Agency That Values Both Data and Creativity

Pick an Agency That Values Both Data and Creativity

We all have memory of some marketing campaigns. Even if you’re not in the industry, you can recall a catchy slogan or memorable commercial

Although these creative campaigns have stuck in your mind, did they actually impact your buying habits?

Probably not. I personally recalled both of the ads linked above and have never bought either of those products. 

This is one of the biggest challenges we see in the marketing world: there’s a lot of focus on creative, but what gets lost is the meaningful data to determine if the campaign worked. 

At 9 Clouds, we’re a creative agency, but we’re also passionate about data.

Those two things shouldn’t be seen as polar opposites. Instead, they should work together to make your marketing as effective as possible. 

Don’t Get Fooled by Awards

When you’re looking for a marketing agency for your business, you might consider the agency’s award history in your decision. 

Personally, I think you shouldn’t (and it’s not because 9 Clouds doesn’t have any awards — we do). 

Instead, it’s a matter of the way agencies get those awards. From a small, local group to the biggest international “festival of creativity,” there are hundreds of awards handed out each year for creative endeavors. But the judges for these events look solely at the creative elements of a campaign.

No consideration is given to the data and results.

I believe this comes from a misunderstanding of the greater marketing industry about data. A lot of people believe cold, hard numbers can’t be used when creativity is all about artistic value.

Why not both? 

At 9 Clouds, we think it’s possible to have innovative creative and quality results. 

Don’t Feel Trapped by an Either-Or Situation

We’ve said this before, but digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

9 Clouds doesn’t set out to create one viral campaign that carries your marketing through the year. Instead, we focus on using data to drive our decisions month by month. 

This doesn’t mean that we’re stuck in a rinse-and-repeat rut with no room for creativity. We test new placements, phrasing, and targeting all the time, and then we use that data to make decisions. 

Our creative choices are all held accountable to ourselves and our clients by the results. 

(Curious about the results we’re capable of? Check out our latest performance benchmarks report.)

This approach isn’t something we’re doing in a vacuum. Business analytics solutions are increasing every year, as more marketing departments realize the impact of data-driven decision making.

As you look for the next marketing agency to do work for your business, find an agency that wants campaigns to look good and convert.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. 

(This is just one of the many questions you should ask a new agency before signing a contract. Check out our resource on all the questions to ask a prospective agency here! ⬇️)

Don’t Wait to Find a Good Marketing Partner

Seriously, don’t put this decision on the back burner. If your current marketing is all “bright-shiny” and not focused on results, it’s time for a new partner.

If you agree that data is just as important as the creative elements, you’re likely a good fit for a partnership with 9 Clouds.

We enjoy working with like-minded marketing managers and store owners. Reach out for an assessment. We’ll give you an honest look at your current marketing efforts and provide recommendations for the future (whether you ultimately work with us or not).

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