Why and How to Use Google Ads for Livestock Marketing

Why and How to Use Google Ads for Livestock Marketing

Now more than ever, Americans are taking their lives digital. We are using our devices to find information, shop, and more.

If you are considering marketing your livestock production, now is the time to find the right people who are looking for what you are selling.

One of the best ways to do that is with Google Ads for livestock producers.

How Can Digital Marketing Help People Find My Livestock Operation?

For years, many people used outbound marketing to try finding customers.

Now more than ever, inbound marketing — which is the marketing philosophy 9 Clouds lives by — is important to break through all of the noisy advertising in the world.

Inbound marketing is perfect for ranchers, farmers, and anyone in the livestock production industry. When you practice inbound marketing, you are sharing your message with the right people at the right time.

Not everyone is looking to buy cattle or hogs, so it’s important to share your message with only those who will actually want to hear it.

Why Should I Use Google Ads for Livestock Production Marketing?

A great place to start your digital marketing efforts is with Google Ads.

There are several ways to use Google Ads to find and market to the right audience. Below are a few of the strategies we recommend for livestock marketers who want to spend a small budget to go a long way.

Search Ads

When you search on Google, ads will often show at the top of your search results. These ads come from Google Ads and are called Search Ads.

For businesses using Search Ads, the only time their ads show to searchers is when the browsers’ keywords match what the business is targeting. For example:

Google Ads for Livestock Marketing

In other words, if you are targeting people looking for “bulls for sale,” you won’t show up for someone looking for shoes. Within Google Ads, you can research what keywords are applicable to your marketing efforts and base your Google Ads strategy off those.

Along with showing you relevant keyword opportunities, Google Keyword Planner allows you to see approximately how much each keyword will cost you based on other competition. For example:

Google Ads for Livestock Producers

You can also make ads within search campaigns called Dynamic Search Ads.

Dynamic Search Ads are shown to people searching for keywords that are similar to but not the same as yours. Google will pick the best URL from your website to show the searcher. This increases the click-through rate of your ads and makes it easier for people who are interested in your content to get to your website.

Display Ads

Google itself isn’t the only place you can show Google Ads to your audience.

When people are browsing the Internet, there are hundreds of thousands of other websites on which Google can show Display Ads.

Display Ads are visual advertisements that can be shown based on targeting you set within your display campaign. Here’s an example of a livestock Display Ad:

example Google Ads display ad for livestock sales

There are different ways to target the audience looking for your annual bull sale, market livestock, or whatever you are selling.

Here are just a few of the livestock targeting options you can set up with Google Display Ads:

  • People who have already looked at your website (AKA retargeting)
  • People who have searched target keywords previously
  • People interested in livestock production
  • Websites devoted to ranching, farming, etc.
  • People of certain demographics
  • People living in or visiting certain locations

How Can I Make My Small Marketing Budget Go a Long Way?

There are many combinations of targeting efforts you can try. Several of these targeting options can also be done with Search Ads as well.

Even if you have a small budget to start with, you can target a better audience to give you more return on your investment.

Our 9 Clouds team knows you are busy from sunrise to sunset caring for your stock.

We’re available to answer your questions during a custom marketing assessment for your business. Our team will take a look at all your marketing efforts and provide recommendations for digital success — all free, with no strings attached.

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