[Case Study] Meta Lead Ads Create Immediate Connections for Livestock Insurance Company

The Challenge:

A growing provider of livestock insurance solutions faced the all-too-common challenge of finding more qualified leads for their sales team. 

They wanted to expand their customer base and foster long-term relationships with potential clients. After trying traffic-focused campaigns and not yielding quality conversions, we recognized the need to try new digital tactics.

The Solution:

We identified an opportunity with a tailored Lead Ads campaign, capitalizing on the vast and engaged user base of Facebook and Instagram.

As a digital lead generation agency known for its expertise in Meta Advertising, we wanted to shift the emphasis from website traffic to direct conversions from Facebook and yield more immediate results for this livestock risk management company.

In-depth Strategy Development

9 Clouds worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs, target market and desired conversions. We actively strategized and aligned our efforts, so that the campaign both resonated with livestock professionals and positioned the company as a top insurance solution provider in the industry.

Facebook Lead Ads Creation

By shifting the focus to direct conversions, these ads streamlined the lead generation process. Potential customers could express their interest in the company’s products and provide essential contact information directly within the ad.

We designed engaging and visually appealing ads using Facebook’s Lead Ads format. The ads both showcased the client’s innovative insurance products and emphasized why to choose the company to safeguard livestock producers’ livelihoods.

Audience Targeting and Refinement

We used advanced targeting techniques — learned through our years of specializing in Meta Advertising — ensuring the ads reached livestock professionals, ranchers and farmers interested in insurance solutions. We also continuously analyzed and optimized the campaign targeting and ads, maximizing the campaign’s efficiency over time.

Automated Lead Delivery via Zapier

Any sales team knows that the sooner they can follow up with a lead, the better — and we know automation can help with that.

9 Clouds used Zapier to integrate the Facebook Lead Ads with the client’s CRM system. This automated the process of transferring the leads (in real time) to the client’s sales team, so they could reach out to potential customers more promptly and efficiently.

The Results:

The collaboration between our teams produced outstanding results, effectively addressing the challenges and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Cost-Effective Lead Generation

In the first month of the campaign, the ads successfully generated 56 high-quality leads, each at an impressive cost of $3.57. (The average cost per lead on Facebook, according to Wordstream, is $23.)

The cost effectiveness of the campaign demonstrated our ability to optimize ad spend and deliver tangible results for our client, whose sales team successfully connected with 21 of the 56 people who submitted the form on Facebook.

The revenue from just one sale from these 21 leads would cover the entire cost of the Meta campaign. 

Long-Term Industry Connections and Clients

Through precisely targeted Lead Ads, our client had the opportunity to connect with livestock professionals actively seeking risk management solutions. By capturing leads directly on Facebook and Instagram, these ads significantly reduced the barrier to engagement, leading to more responses.

In turn, the ads:

  • Created opportunities for the business to connect with potential clients.
  • Helped foster relationships that extended beyond the initial lead generation.
  • Drove sustained growth.

Unlock Leads Digitally

This proactive and collaborative approach is key to the success 9 Clouds sees with clients. Our active involvement in strategy development and continuous optimization demonstrates our commitment to tailoring solutions based on the unique needs of each client.

If you’re looking to make impacts like this in your business, request a free proposal today. We’ll take a close look at your needs and collaborate with you on a custom plan to improve your online presence and generate more leads for your business.