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Season 1 – Facebook Ads For Auto Dealers

The average American spends over 50 minutes a day on Facebook. We see Facebook ads as a perfect place to attract new customers and re-engage with existing customers. Learn everything you need to know to create Facebook ads that convert.

NOTE: Facebook is always changing its policies and features for advertisers, which means the content in these videos isn’t necessarily up-to-date. To keep up with all of Facebook’s latest advertising updates, check out our library of downloadable Facebook advertising resources as well as our blog posts about Facebook advertising

Lesson 1: Facebook Ads Primer

Season 1

Lesson 2: Build Your Facebook Foundation

Season 1

Lesson 3: Targeting by Geography

Season 1

Lesson 4: Facebook Ad Creative

Season 1

Lesson 5: A/B Testing Facebook Ad Creative

Season 1

Lesson 6: In-Depth Analytics for Facebook Ads

Season 1


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