Unlock the Power of Your CRM with Our Updated eBook, Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers

Unlock the Power of Your CRM with Our Updated eBook, Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers

Remember binders? Those three-ringed office products popular in the ’90s, which maybe looked clean on the outside . . . but which were usually bursting with piles of crumpled papers on the inside?

That’s what many automotive CRMs look like.

If you’re not careful, your customer relationship management (CRM) system can become not only cluttered, but also outdated. Just as binders are being replaced by digital filing systems like Dropbox, simple CRMs are being replaced by advanced marketing automation and lead tracking tactics.

Don’t let your CRM stay stuck in the past. Make the most of your customer data by downloading our updated eBook, Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers!

What Is Lead Tracking?

Lead tracking is the process of documenting and segmenting prospective customers based on their online actions — all with the goal of ushering them along the automotive buyer’s journey.

Successful lead tracking hinges on having the right data from your CRM and using it strategically alongside your marketing strategy.

Why invest in an automotive lead tracking strategy? Because you don’t just want leads — you want qualified leads who actually want to talk to your sales team. And you want to know how to talk to them!

What’s in This eBook?

In our most updated edition of our free eBook, you’ll learn:

  • What lead tracking is
  • How lead tracking works
  • How to unlock the full potential of your CRM
  • How to prioritize leads with lead scoring
  • How to best qualify leads and report results
  • Why you need both historical and real-time data
Lead Tracking for Auto Dealers eBook (2nd Edition)

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Is your lead tracking strategy stuck in ’90s-binder status?

If you crave more useful data on your contacts — or if you have the data, but you aren’t sure how to use it — this eBook is for you.

Download your free copy today to learn how to bring your CRM into the 21st century — and how to use all the data available to you to better qualify (and close!) leads for your dealership.

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