[Case Study] Optimizing Email Sends Improved Performance for Auto Group

The Challenge

9 Clouds had been working with the Denny Menholt Auto Group with stores located in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota for many years and wanted to continue to improve on the already positive results delivered by email marketing.

How could more than one area of the dealership be properly promoted while improving the open and click-through rate (CTR) of emails and increasing engagement on the website when you consider there are three main areas of promotion: new, used, and service?

The Solution

9 Clouds implemented a second-send email strategy for the auto group. 

We found we could send the initial promotional email and resend the same email with an updated subject line to those who did not engage with the first email.

This allows for higher engagement and more leads for the sales team without an additional investment by the client. 

The Results

Over six months of using the second send email strategy, the auto group saw a 39.82% increase in open rate across emails and a 16.13% increase in CTR.

They also saw a 105.79% increase in goal completions. Goal completions consist of vehicle search results pages (SRP) and individual vehicle description pages (VDP) for both new and used inventory. The more quality traffic that is looking at the inventory, the more leads the sales team has to work with.

One initial concern was that there could be a large increase in email unsubscribes due to the increased frequency and quantity of emails; however, across all stores over six months there was only a 14.66% increase. The average unsubscribe rate per store remained low at 0.6% which outperformed the 9 Clouds benchmark of 0.62%.

Ready to Optimize Your Email Strategy?

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