Silver Star Sees Email and Lead Tracking Success in Just 2 Months


The Challenge

Silver Star is Canada’s largest volume Mercedes-Benz dealership for new and Certified Pre-Owned passengers cars combined. They were sending a monthly newsletter via email but knew they could attract more leads through email and lead tracking.

They also needed to comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL). They could not email any customers who had not worked with them for two years, so they wanted to “rescue contacts” before they hit the two-year mark by increasing opt-ins or tracking their online activity.

The Solution

9 Clouds segments Silver Star’s customer database and sends targeted messages based on a customer’s activity and sales history. This includes:

  • Emails to customers who could move into a new lease for the same monthly payment
  • Follow-up emails for customers who declined service
  • Service reminders and upsells for new customers

Customers approaching the two-year mark and at risk of going dormant are sent an email encouraging them to opt-in.

When potential customers click on the emails and look at specific pages on the website, they are sent to Silver Star’s sales reps as leads. The sales team can then follow-up with qualified leads who are in buying mode.

The Results

In only two months, 9 Clouds dramatically improved Silver Star’s online success.

Email accounted for over 22% of their traffic in the first two months of 9 Clouds’ work, up from nearly 0% before the work began. Overall web traffic increased 26% meaning email was the major reason for the success.

Over 5500 potential customers were brought to the website in two months. Their viewing history was tracked, and they were sent to sales reps as leads based on the content they viewed online.

Of all the previous customers who were going to be eliminated from the database due to CASL, over 2200 were rescued and opted-in or tracked. This allows sales reps to contact them in the future and encourage them to shop at Silver Star.

Most importantly, smart email marketing has led to sales. In two months, 70 contacts clicked from an email to an offer on the website and then purchased a vehicle.

In two short months, 9 Clouds has created a foundation for continued success online for Silver Star with a measurable return on the investment. As more customers click emails, Silver Star’s sales reps will have even more leads and potential sales.

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