Partner Profile: Brookings Health System

How our long-term partnership has benefitted a local healthcare organization.

Brookings Health System is a nonprofit, city-owned health system that offers the rural South Dakota area a full range of inpatient, outpatient, surgery, home health, and extended care services.

Like all of our clients, Brookings Health values long-term relationships and effective strategies. That’s why 9 Clouds refers to itself as a “partner” rather than just another “agency.”

Unfortunately, the revolving door of digital marketing vendors makes these relationships and strategies hard to come by.

That’s why we’re excited to share the story of our partnership with Brookings Health System.

“I really look to them as being my digital marketing experts.”

Julia Yoder, Marketing and PR Director

We’ve been working with Brookings Health since 2014. Throughout our time together, both of our businesses have overcome significant changes to the digital marketing landscape.

Throughout the past several years, our team has helped this relatively small regional hospital succeed online with a variety of tactics.

How We’ve Helped Brookings Health System Online

As part of their digital marketing package with 9 Clouds, we provide monthly strategy meetings, reports, as well as several digital marketing tactics:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Through optimizing their website and managing their online listings, we help Brookings Health show up more prominently in search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines. We also publish videos on their website along with search-friendly transcripts.
  • Display advertising: 9 Clouds also creates and manages their display network advertising via Google Ads to help them build brand awareness in their local market.
  • Search advertising: Our team creates keyword-based search campaigns that help the hospital show up for relevant searches on Google.
  • YouTube pre-roll video ads: Using videos that we help produce, this unique platform helps the hospital reach thousands of local people.
  • Facebook/Instagram ads: To get even more local eyes on its video content, 9 Clouds launches ads for Brookings Health.

One of the largest challenges that Brookings Health faces is competition from larger, neighboring health systems.

For that reason, 9 Clouds uses all of the aforementioned services to help them build top-of-mind awareness amongst their target audiences.

Building Strategies That Produce Real Results

When the hospital needed to grow awareness of its orthopedic services in 2019, we created a year-long, testimonial-focused digital marketing strategy.

These services work – especially throughout longer partnerships like the one we enjoy with Brookings Health.

Because of the trust that Brookings Health places in 9 Clouds, we can deploy campaigns like this to help them tell real stories and relate to the community.

“We are no longer treating our website, social media, display ads and other collateral as our digital front door. Simply put, digital is our front door.”

Julia Yoder, Marketing and PR Director

The results are clear. Throughout that one portion of our relationship, we helped Brookings Health reach 21.8% traffic to their orthopedic website pages, and book 17.5% more orthopedic cases.

We’ve grown with Brookings Health, and we would love to grow with your organization.

Instead of just telling you how we can help your healthcare practice’s digital marketing, we like to start by showing you where you can improve your online efforts. Sign up for a free digital audit from our marketing experts, and we’ll provide recommendations for your digital strategy.

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