[Infographic] The Digital Road That Leads to a Purchase

[Infographic] The Digital Road That Leads to a Purchase

It’s not just clicks and visits. Every dealership manager needs to understand all the elements of a great digital experience.

With the latest research in-hand, our team put together the 23 touchpoints that are virtually universal for every dealership.

Automotive digital marketers are swimming in data, so we took the time to compile it into one easy-to-share source.

Spoiler alert: Out of those 23 interactions that your dealership has with a lead, 18 are digital.

Read on to learn more.

Road to Purchase Infographic from 9 Clouds


  1. Cox Auto
  2. Dialog Tech
  3. Google
  4. Review Trackers

Straighten the Road with Your Digital Marketing

The “road to purchase” has many dips and turns. It also looks different for each dealership. For those who don’t have time to manage every stop along the way, it’s a worthwhile investment to seek a valued marketing partner.

If you’re in the process of searching for an automotive digital marketing agency, find one that will raise the bar and support your strategy.

We put together a list of questions to ask an agency before choosing to work with them. Use these questions to help suss out the potential partner’s areas of expertise.

And of course, use them to vet 9 Clouds when you’re ready to pursue a partnership with automotive marketing experts.

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