[Case Study] One Website Change Increased Trade-In Form Submissions 173%

The Challenge

After COVID, many automotive dealerships struggled to keep up with used inventory demands while keeping enough fresh used inventory coming in to replace those sales. 

Your dealership can run ads online and send emails to past customers to get them interested in trading or selling their vehicle, but if people can’t find that information on your site, your number of submissions could suffer

Our team was tasked with coming up with a way to help improve trade-in form submissions without spending more on ads or email

In the past, we’ve been able to increase organic site traffic with search engine optimization (SEO) work, but this time we focused on on-site navigation and ways to make the user experience easier

The Solution

We’ve written in the past about how optimizing your site towards the user’s experience will help keep people on your site longer and more interested in working with you. 

Through online research, our lead SEO specialist found other dealerships saw success after moving their “Sell Your Vehicle” form link to a more visible spot. We decided to test it for ourselves. 

To make the page more visible, we tested placing a “Sell Your Car” button in the main navigation bar on the client’s site:

A Screenshot of the client's top navigation on their website, with "sell your car" as the third option in the navigation.

And the numbers show this was the right move. 

The Results

We have a full year of data to compare the trade-in page’s metrics before and after placing the link in the main navigation bar. 

In that one year, there has been a 500% increase in unique pageviews for the trade-in page. The bounce rate improved by 30% and the #1 next page visited was the trade-in contact page — which also saw a 435% increase in traffic. What’s more, those form submissions went up 173%. 

That’s the impact a bit of website optimization can have without spending any extra money!

Is It Time to Optimize Your Site?

No matter what industry you’re in, optimizing for the user should be top of mind. The best part is, that most SEO work can be done for free. It does take a bit of time and upkeep, though. 

If it seems too big of a project or you just don’t have the time, talk to us about our SEO services.

We can review and optimize your pages, create landing pages and blogs, and help establish your business online by improving your presence on search engines. 

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