Why You Absolutely Must Send Welcome Emails to New Leads

Why You Absolutely Must Send Welcome Emails to New Leads

Every salesperson dreams of the customer who comes to them — who walks right up and says, “I’m interested in your product or service. Can you help me?”

Yet potential customers actually do this every day.

When someone visits your website or store and submits their email address voluntarily, they’ve literally asked you to communicate with them (as long as you’re legally compliant, that is). The best way to engage new email subscribers is by sending them an automated “welcome email” as soon as they sign up.

By not sending welcome emails to new leads, you’re ignoring their raised hands — and leaving heaps of opportunity on the table.

Here’s why welcome emails are so important (and how to send the perfect one).

1. Welcome Emails Work

If you launch one automated email campaign, make it a welcome email.

Why? Because welcome emails work. They’re proven to be way more engaging than other marketing emails:

So if you want to boost your email metrics — and your sales — give welcome emails a shot.

2. Welcome Emails Save Time

Because welcome emails are sent automatically to new subscribers, they save you from manually connecting with new leads — a tedious, time-consuming process for even the smallest business.

We’re champions of automated email campaigns around here, so we love the efficiency that welcome emails create.

As long as you’ve got a good marketing automation software behind you, you’ll have no trouble setting up your first welcome campaign. And once it’s done, it’s done! (Just don’t forget to check on it often for areas of improvement.)

3. Welcome Emails Set Expectations

Yellow front door, welcoming you like a welcome email to new leads

Ever wish you could have a minute to tell a lead about your company (and why it’s the best) — totally on your terms?

In a welcome email, you call the shots. “The customer is always right,” sure — but before they even have a chance to ask for something, you have the chance to set their expectations for what you offer, why you offer it, and how you do business.

More specifically, welcome emails should also set expectations for your methods of email communication. What types of emails will you send? How often will you send them?

These clarifications can not only get subscribers excited about what’s to come, but also prevent them from being surprised by your content down the road — which is where spam complaints and unsubscribes start to come in.

4. Welcome Emails Hold Attention

It’s true: welcome emails have a 10% higher read rate than other marketing emails. Don’t squash this rare opportunity to engage your leads while they’re already engaged.

Your welcome email should really wow. Create a beautiful, well-designed email that not only makes a positive first impression but also offers subscribers something they can’t get anywhere else.

And remember, the road doesn’t stop at the email footer. Once a contact (hopefully) clicks on your email, you need to continue to impress them with a striking landing page, timely follow-up emails, and other marketing efforts that are tailored to them personally.

If you do it right, your welcome email is just the beginning of a smooth customer journey.

5. Welcome Emails Build Loyalty

Every relationship has to start somewhere. With the right welcome email, you could be initiating a lifelong relationship with a loyal customer. No pressure, huh?

Because new leads are most engaged within 48 hours of subscribing, you’ll want to capitalize on that engagement by creating plenty of opportunities to interact with your brand within your welcome email. 

Foster a sense of community by using inclusive language (“Welcome to the club, Kyle!”) and by adding easy links to your website, blog, and social media accounts.

You can also use welcome emails to gather more data about your leads. Ask for their preferences regarding your products and services, how often they want to be emailed, and more.

The more data you collect, the more precisely you’ll be able to target your leads — and the better customer experience you’ll be able to offer.

How to Craft the Perfect Welcome Email

"Hello and welcome" written on a teal wall

The beauty of welcome emails is that no two are (or should be) alike. Remember, this is your business speaking to your audience — so say hello in your own voice!

Use language and graphics that are unique to your brand. Your customers will appreciate your authenticity more than anything.

7 Key Components of Any Welcome Email

While we encourage you to get creative with your welcome message, here are seven elements every welcome email should contain:

  1. A sender name people will recognize (“Christie at The Cool Company”)
  2. A clear, attention-grabbing subject line (“Here’s your 10% off!”)
  3. Use of personalization (“Hey there, Janet!”)
  4. A friendly reminder of why they signed up (“Thanks for signing up to receive our weekly newsletter”)
  5. Unique value (an exclusive offer or the free eBook you promised)
  6. A relevant call-to-action (CTA) button (“Start shopping!”)
  7. Opportunities to follow your business on social media (Facebook or Instagram)

That may seem like a lot, but don’t try to cram too much into your welcome email.

It’s tempting to list all your lovely products, services, team members, and team members’ cats in one email . . . but even with the high read rate of welcome emails, people simply aren’t patient. And if you give them too many choices, they won’t make any.

Every marketing email should be written with one main message in mind. And welcome emails are no exception.

So when a lead extends their hand for that first shake, what are you going to say?

Want Help with Your Email Marketing?

Open window shutters, signifying welcome emails

Now that you’re convinced that welcome emails are essential to your email marketing strategy (and know the key components for crafting your own), are you ready to sit down and write?

We get it — sometimes that blank screen is intimidating. Especially if you don’t have a great email marketing strategy to work off already.

If you’d like help not only creating a kickass welcome email, but also devising a winning email marketing strategy for your business, contact our team. Combined, our email specialists have decades of experience testing what works, especially for auto dealers.

Whatever your industry, we can help you send the right message to the right people at the right time. Isn’t that what email marketing is all about?