When Auto Met Video Marketing

When Auto Met Video Marketing

When it comes to storytelling, auto marketers have such an advantage.

There’s arguably no other object imaginable that acts as an extension of our own person the way our cars do. In fact, we love cars so much that some of us even name them. When’s the last time you heard of somebody naming their blender? My guess is never.

Because people identify with cars so much, it is easy to see why video marketing trends are growing fast in the auto industry.  

Think about it. How many films, TV shows, and commercials in American culture are directly influenced by our cars? The car is a center-piece in every story that involves taking a cross-country road trip with your friends or nervously picking up your prom date. It’s moments like this auto marketers should capture and show through video marketing.

However, they sometimes miss the mark on this. If they’re finding little success through their video marketing, they may not have taken the time to craft an effective video content strategy. These strategies are crucial in creating the bridge that connects your audience with the information they need as a potential consumer.

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The Importance of Video Marketing

Presenting a marketing campaign through video is one of the most effective methods available. With video, we are able to tell the story we want, and engage our audience by putting them directly in it.

If your content is weak, you won’t be able to capture this effect video champions so well. When it comes to creating video content for your automotive marketing campaign, remember:

  • Get to the point – Finding the right balance between being creative and being informative can be tough when you’re focused on time. Make sure not to complicate a piece or an ongoing series of videos by explaining too little or too much.
  • Utilize every content platform – Take advantage of every tool that is available to you. Get your message across by letting your video blossom on mobile, email, blogs, websites, and social media channels can make all the difference in the world. This can also help consumers directly participate as a part of your video’s message.
  • Repackage – When you’re able to connect your video content to past content, you allow everything to come full-circle. For example, the material you used in your tire performance video could contain something useful for you to connect with in your video content about driving in harsh climate.

Content Creation

Current trends suggest that the content we create as auto marketers has become increasingly important to our audiences. However, this doesn’t mean that consumers want constant deals and sales pitches thrown in their faces.

What they crave is the content that helps educate them on the culture of the product

For example, creating a video campaign about the newest truck on the lot is going to have a lot less value to your audience than a campaign explaining to them why towing capacity is an important feature for anyone who owns a truck.

When they feel well-informed about the industry’s culture, they feel more invested as a consumer. Therefore, whenever you’re creating video content strategy, it’s key to remember that the informative approach is king.

Video content creation for automotive marketing is trending going into 2017. It’s important to keep in mind that, like any form of presentation, video requires a thought out strategy that focuses on informing the audience. In the end, it can give your auto campaign the story it craves.

If this has inspired you to add video to your marketing campaigns in 2017, start here. Our team has written a lot of posts about how to use video successfully in inbound auto marketing, and we’re here to help!

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