Our Top 9 Blog Posts of 2019

Our Top 9 Blog Posts of 2019

How did your dealership do in 2019?

As you reflect back on the past year, those memories are likely fueling your goals for 2020. More vehicle sales, lower cost-per-click on digital ads, higher ROI on your marketing efforts . . . there’s always room to improve, right?

Like you, we also learned a lot this past year, and we love to share that knowledge here on the 9 Clouds blog.

Take a look back at our top nine blog posts from 2019. Maybe you’ll learn something you can take back to your automotive digital marketing strategy in 2020. Enjoy!

1. Are Hashtags Still #Relevant for Your Digital Ad Content in 2019?

hashtag in sand

Incorporating hashtags into your social media and digital ad content helps your business get found by people who are interested in what you’re selling or posting about.

Check out some great examples of hashtag use, and learn how you can use them in your automotive marketing.

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2. How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager the Right Way

a man standing in the middle of a prairie holding a briefcase

Facebook Business Manager allows you to manage all of your Facebook marketing efforts in one location.

Our step-by-step instructions explain how you can create a Business Manager account and start reaching your customers with relevant content on Facebook.

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3. Why Your Business Needs to Use Google Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat

shaking hands over a desk

Google Hangouts is a great solution for your employees to collaborate across projects, especially if you have remote workers on your team.

Google made some changes in early 2019 to Hangouts Meet and Chat features within the G Suite. Learn more about the details on what’s changed and how you can best utilize these tools for your business.

4. Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: What’s the Difference?


Inbound marketing is the core of what we do for automotive dealerships, healthcare offices, and more!

Learn more about how pairing your inbound strategy with your traditional efforts can help you make the most of your overall marketing strategy.

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5. Introducing the 2019 Performance Benchmarks Report for Automotive Digital Marketing

Performance Benchmarks Report cover

In 2019, we launched our inaugural Performance Benchmarks Report.

We gathered real data from real dealerships to show you exactly how your digital marketing stacks up to the competition.

If you missed the report, you’ll want to download it ASAP. Keep an eye out for the updated report in 2020!

Update: The updated report is out now! Grab your copy here.

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6. Top 3 (Realistic!) Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2019

Cool kids using VR

There are always “bright, shiny” digital marketing trends fighting for your attention. As a marketer, you may find it overwhelming.

It’s unrealistic to try to keep up with all the latest and greatest, but your small business can focus on implementing a few key marketing trends.

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7. Five Questions to Ask Your Agency about SEO Strategy

an owl in a tree, hoo hoo

We hear auto dealers worry about their search engine optimization (SEO) all the time.

Not all digital marketing agencies provide the same level of service when it comes to SEO. That’s why we shared the top five questions you should ask your future or current agency about your SEO strategy.

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8. Make It Click: Understanding Facebook Ad Click Metrics

two woman clicking on a computer

A click isn’t just a click when it comes to Facebook ads. There are different types of clicks, and they all refer to slightly different actions.

So what’s the difference among these click types, and which ones should you be monitoring for your dealership or business?

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9. Facebook’s Special Ad Category Shows Little Impact for Auto Dealers

a small delicate lamb amongst lush green foliage

Facebook made significant changes to its targeting tools in 2019 as part of a settlement from a discrimination lawsuit. This resulted in a new Special Ad Category, under which ads run by auto dealers fall.

Our team conducted several tests of the new Special Ad Category, pitting it against our conventional targeting standards. Learn more about what we found and what this change means for auto dealers advertising on Facebook in 2020.

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What Do You Want to Learn This Year?

Anyone who works in marketing knows that you must always stay on your toes. Things are always changing.

We don’t know what 2020 will bring, but whatever it does, we’ll be here to help you along the way.

If you’re hoping to improve your automotive digital marketing in the new decade, keep an eye on our content. Subscribe to our blog, attend our free automotive marketing webinars, or even request a free personalized digital marketing assessment.

As we work together, there’s no reason for you not to reach more qualified customers and move more metal in the upcoming years. Cheers! 🥂