Take Video Marketing To New Heights By Repurposing Content

Take Video Marketing To New Heights By Repurposing Content

You’ve done the research, you’ve written the script, and your video marketing piece has gone live. It shines, gets retweets, is shared with colleagues, and has become a successful piece of video marketing for your team.

Considering all the work you put into that one piece of content, what are you doing to further extend your video’s reach? Take the time to repurpose the video across your marketing efforts to increase your engagement.

Why You Should Repurpose Your Video Marketing

After you’ve finished a video marketing piece, don’t put a nail in its coffin. Video content that is both rich with information and evergreen (meaning it has a long shelf life) should be shared across various mediums.

Not only does a good piece of video-related content improve SEO, it also increases the number of views on the original video and helps connect your company with a larger audience. 

When repurposing video content, don’t reinvent the wheel. Most marketers already wish for an extra few hours in the day, so make it as easy as possible for you or your team to keep the best video content on top, without having to come up with new content pieces.

Here are four great places to repurpose your video marketing content.

4 Ways to Repurpose Video Marketing Content

1. Social Media

Social media is a simple way to repurpose video content, yet it offers several different opportunities for repurposing. Keep in mind that every social platform is different, so you may need to tweak each piece to fit the platform.

Video Promotion

Video content can increase your Twitter engagement by 313%. Make short clips of your longer video, and post them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platforms you’re active on.

Depending on the quality of your post, boosting or promoting the video with digital advertising dollars could help with engagement. If the video already has great engagement, you can just let it thrive organically; once it wanes, try promoting it.

Direct Quote Posts

Another way to broadcast your marketing video is to feature a standout quote from the video. Simply overlay the quote on a photo of the person who spoke it (or another image that is relevant to the topic), and share the image via social media.

Overlays are easy to make, and they are even easier for people to repost since they’re quick and to the point. Many marketers will know of Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and marketing guru. His quotes are regularly retweeted, reposted, and quoted.

Seth Godin quote

Overlays can connect with several different social demographics that a longer video might not connect with:

  • Rapid news feed scrollers
  • Visual viewers
  • Inspirational readers

Q&A Sessions

Twitter Q&A parties are a great way to interact with your audience and answer real-time questions about your video. Using a specific hashtag for your Q&A session can help increase interactions. If you’re lucky enough to get a lot of them, your hashtag will start to trend, potentially bringing in new subscribers.

Twitter has long been a popular medium for live Q&A sessions, but Facebook upped the ante with the new Facebook Live. When Facebook posted about this live video feature, they announced a small update to their new feed algorithm: videos now appear higher in people’s news feeds when the videos are actually live. So to give your video more exposure, try going live!

2. Blog Posts

A blog post featuring your video should be easy to prepare, as your video script should have the same voice as the rest of your marketing pieces. You’re already quite knowledgeable about the topic, so you can easily add in more information you might not have been able to put in your video.

You can also embed the video in your blog post, and if the content is fresh and easy to understand, you can easily just add in the transcription. Moz, for instance, does a great job of transcribing their Whiteboard Fridays videos. Some weeks, Rand Fishkin will just copy the video transcription into the post; other weeks, he’ll write a follow-up blog to the video. 

Be sure to clean up your transcriptions, as you never know when a transcribing service will mix up your words or misunderstand what you said. Regardless of whether you transcribe the video or write a follow-up blog, keep SEO in mind so that you can help increase your post in search results.

Blogs and videos are different mediums for subscribers to interact with, so be sure to cater the post to your readers, not your viewers. You will know what’s best for your audience, so customize your blog post from your video content to help maximize reader engagement.

3. Infographics

Take a few key facts or ideas from your marketing video, and repurpose them into an infographic. Not only are infographics visually appealing, they can also give the reader just as much information as your video content piece when done correctly.

Your video content may offer more than information than one infographic should contain. Feel free to break up the content so that your infographics are amazing.

Infographics take time, but in the end, an evergreen piece of video marketing will become an evergreen infographic. We especially love this Candyland-esque infographic on repurposing content. 

4. Podcasts

Podcasts have a similar format to video marketing, so you’re already halfway done!

Repurpose your video script into a podcast. Podcasts welcome the group of audio listeners who might spend a lot of time commuting, working out, or just listening whenever. You can’t watch a video while driving, so podcasts can be the next best thing.

If you record podcasts regularly, add the video content to your topics list. You can even incorporate a Q&A session into your future podcasts and become a cross-programming aficionado!

Dust Off Your Videos

If one of your marketing videos has been on the shelf for a while but is still relevant to your audience, pull it down, dust it off, and take some time to promote it. Don’t forget to link to it within other relevant posts, as this cross-promotion helps garner stronger SEO for your site.

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