New Digital Marketing Packages That Will Get You Results

New Digital Marketing Packages That Will Get You Results

Looking for digital marketing help from an agency can seem odd or frustrating if you aren’t sure where to start. With rates hidden behind multiple emails and vague proposals from other agencies, how is a business owner or marketing manager supposed to know how or where to spend their money?

That’s why 9 Clouds has created three simple, clearly priced starter packages for you to choose from — with add-ons and customization options still available for exactly what you need.

Created from our ten years of experience working with clients from various types of businesses, we want these packages to be a steady base that businesses can easily work with at any level.

Find the Package For You

You can find a full breakdown of these packages and their prices here, but below is a quick look at the three packages. All three of these packages will give you a well-balanced combination of services with added value, providing a firm foundation to deliver results for your business — no matter your industry.

digital marketing starter packages

Option 1: Essentials

Let’s start with something simple — one Google Search campaign and one Facebook campaign. This option is great whether you’re taking your fist dive into online marketing, or you’re just looking to add a campaign or two to supplement efforts you already have in place.

Option 2: Standard

This package still focuses on online advertising, but with two different types of Google Ads campaigns and two Facebook campaigns. It gives you more options to highlight inventory, products, services and more.

Option 3: Advanced

If your business is looking for more than online ads or wanting to expand efforts into other channels, this package is a great choice.

Want to improve your SEO? Our team will also suggest SEO opportunities for your site. Want to send emails to leads and past customers? We’ll send a monthly marketing email to your customers from your CRM — something that has proven its value for more than one client.

Add-ons and Customization

Different businesses have different needs. That’s why you can add on and customize services to fit what your business needs.

Some of our services that are available to add to any of our starter packages include:

  • A Facebook campaign
  • Google search ad or pre-roll ad campaign
  • Create a monthly website landing page

If you’re not seeing what you need in one of these packages or looking for something even more specific, we can create a custom package that best works for your business.

And the best news: you won’t be charged commission on ad spend — whether you choose a starter package or customize your own.

9 Clouds Works to Help You

These three starter packages were specifically put together to bring quick, effective, and manageable results to you business.

Our team knows how to work with you to get quality leads to your site without wasting time, and these packages are now here to make it a little easier to get started.

“At 9 Clouds, we’re focused on delivering results for our clients. Given our more than 10 years of experience, we’ve got a good idea where someone can start to see the fastest, best results, and we translated that into starter packages.”

Sarah Carnes, CEO and Managing Partner of 9 Clouds

Make the most of your marketing budget and choose your package today.

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