3 Myths About Taking the Family Farm or Ranch Online

3 Myths About Taking the Family Farm or Ranch Online

Last year, I sat in a precision planting workshop with my 60-year-old dad to learn how to run the new precision planting equipment he had installed on his planter. My dad, who has been farming for 35 years, needed my help. 

My dad recognized that while the way he had been planting for several years worked, it wasn’t the most effective or efficient way to do it anymore. This new technology would make his job easier and save him money, even though there was a little bit of a learning curve. 

The same principle can apply to how you market your livestock online — both effectively and efficiently.

Why You Should Be Marketing Livestock Online

It’s no secret that the agriculture industry is evolving and changing. While word of mouth and a bull sale catalog in the mail were once a sufficient method to market your livestock, that may not be the case anymore. 

Farmers and ranchers have taken to social platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, to advocate for agriculture and market their businesses on a larger scale. 

So what’s stopping you from taking your farm or livestock operation online? Here are three myths we’ve heard and why they are, in fact, myths.

Myth #1: Online Means Less Personal

Putting your livestock business online doesn’t mean you eliminate the personal relationship. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to connect with even more farmers and ranchers. Think of online marketing as a piece of the puzzle that can connect you to your buyer. 

Online marketing doesn’t mean just setting up a website or being on social media. For example, on Facebook, you have the option to run ads with a “click-to-call” button — putting you in direct contact over the phone with a potential customer who sees your ad while they’re scrolling their Facebook feed. 

Make it easier for the matriarch or patriarch to do what they want and enjoy what they’ve built. This is how you can drive more calls and make more money.

Myth #2: It’s Only for the Younger Generation

People of all ages consume forms of digital media every day without even realizing it — from opening up an email, to scrolling their Facebook page, to searching their questions on Google. 

Social media isn’t just for teenagers. According to Oberlo, there are 51.8 million people between the ages of 43 and 58, and 36.9 million people between the ages of 59 and 77 that use social media in the United States.

Adding in digital marketing doesn’t exclude the older generation, but introduces a new dimension of exposure that didn’t exist 30 years ago.

The whole point of using digital marketing for your farming or ranching operation is to make your job easier. Instead of spending your time and resources with traditional marketing methods, you can spend your time doing what you are passionate about — farming. 

Plus, there is a generation of up and coming farmers and ranchers who rely on digital sources for their information — including where to find cattle to buy, new genetics for their herds, and more. If you’re relying on traditional forms of marketing to reach them, there is a good chance you will be missing out on connecting with potential customers. 

Myth #3: It’s Too Difficult to Learn

While you may be sold on the idea to bring your marketing efforts online, it can be overwhelming to know where to even begin. 

Do you need a website? Is Facebook effective? How do you build a client base? What can I email potential customers?

Don’t let the questions overwhelm you or stop you from using digital to help you keep your family farm or ranch thriving for decades to come. Even if you have zero online exposure to start, there are cost-effective strategies that can help you be seen by your ideal customer.  

We’ve worked with various producers at all different stages of their businesses, and we know the difference digital can make — no matter where you are in your digital journey. 

Are You Ready to Reach Livestock Customers Online?

Taking the family farm online can be a big leap, but using digital marketing can help your legacy to continue for generations to come.  

Don’t let the fear of starting or of failure stop you from using online tools to advance your livestock business. Let the experts at 9 Clouds help you grow your legacy through digital marketing.

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