Be Dynamic with Facebook Ads for Auto Dealers

Be Dynamic with Facebook Ads for Auto Dealers

When was the last time you did something really dynamic?

Our clients always want to push the boundaries when it comes to creating engaging content to improve their automotive sales. We’re here to help them do just that — and to help you, too.

So, speaking of doing something dynamic, let’s talk about dynamic ads on Facebook. 

What’s So Dynamic about a “Dynamic Ad”?

Good question!

Dynamic Facebook ads actually look just like the typical carousel-format or single image-format ads that you’ve likely created before.

The difference?

When creating a dynamic ad, instead of individually creating an ad for each of your products, you create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from your product catalog for vehicles you’d like to advertise. 

Using the Facebook pixel, these ads immediately update with price, availability, and other detail changes to your inventory. You can even target them to people who have already looked at certain vehicles on your website, so you know they’re interested.

Why You Should Use Dynamic Ads on Facebook

There are several benefits to using dynamic ads. They save time, provide frequent and automatic updates, show relevant headlines, and capture additional traffic.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here are a few other advantages.

1. Simplify Your Ad Creation Process

Who doesn’t like saving time?

With dynamic ads, you can promote all of your products with unique ads without having to configure each individual ad. Using your product catalog with all of the basic information necessary to generate an ad, you can create a dynamic ad template.

That means you don’t have to manually provide information for a product each time you want to create an ad for it. 

Instead, Facebook will go through your catalog and pull the information it needs for the vehicle you want to create an ad for.

This benefit just may be the one you love most about dynamic ads!

2. Remove Out-of-stock Vehicles

Thank goodness this tool is so smart!

With dynamic ads, you don’t have to manually remove products from your Facebook ads each time you sell a vehicle. Your product catalog feed simply tells Facebook that the vehicle is no longer in stock and removes it from the ad.

This also creates a better customer experience. Imagine a customer sees one of your vehicles in an ad and falls in love, only to click on it . . . and it’s out of stock.

Poor guy. Heartbreak is the worst.

3. Show the Right Products

Using the Facebook pixel, you can show the most relevant vehicles from your inventory based on vehicle details pages (VDPs) that people have viewed on your website.

Remember, you can reach new potential customers by showing the right product at the right time.

Targeting with Dynamic Ads

The competition is tough out there, and your potential customers have many choices when they are looking to buy a new vehicle or product. You don’t want to lose their attention once they have been on your website.

Dynamic ads are a sure way to guarantee that your web visitors don’t forget what they were browsing — and that you were the one selling it. 

Beat your competitors to the punch. By utilizing this powerful new tool, you’ll have a one-up from the moment your potential customers begin their buyer’s journey.

How to Set Up the Template

Okay, so you know why your dealership should create dynamic ads on Facebook. But how do you actually do it?

First Things First

In order to create Facebook dynamic ads, you need:

  • A product catalog: A catalog containing product information for all items you’d like to advertise with your Facebook ads. Learn more about product catalogs.
  • The Facebook pixel: An analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising and understand the actions people take on your website. Learn more about the Facebook pixel.

Once your product catalog is set up and you’re using the Facebook pixel, you’ll be able to create the dynamic ad template.

Dynamic Ad Template Setup

You have quite a few options here, as your template can be either a carousel or a single product image, and you can place it directly in the news feed and/or in the right-hand column. Dynamic ads also work across all devices.

To make your template, create a new campaign in Ads Manager, specifying “Product Catalog Sales” as your marketing objective. Then, just select your product catalog. From there, it will pull the vehicles into your ad.

In the ad set settings, you’ll want to target the right group of people. This is where Facebook dynamic ads really work their magic.

Most advantageous to car dealers is creating your ads for people who have viewed your VDPs or search results pages (SRPs) but haven’t yet purchased (thank you, Facebook pixel!). These leads are hooked but haven’t been reeled in.

Now, they’ll see the exact vehicle they viewed on your site, right on their Facebook page. If the vehicle becomes unavailable, it’ll show them something similar.

Once you’ve created the ad set with your desired targeted audience, the creative aspect of the ad follows the same process you’re used to.

Be More Dynamic

Here at 9 Clouds, we use data to determine what actually works, and we’ve found great success using Facebook dynamic ads for auto dealers.

To see the results in action, check out this case study for one of our auto clients.

So what are you waiting for? Facebook dynamic ads present one of the best ways to deliver tailored, up-to-date messaging to people in specific stages of the sales funnel.

Want to keep digging into the ins and outs of Facebook? We’ve got you covered.