Sherwood Ford Sees Strong ROI from Dynamic Facebook Ads

Sherwood Ford

The Challenge

Sherwood Ford in Edmonton, Alberta, began a partnership with 9 Clouds, wanting to take its digital marketing efforts to the next level and emerge as the automotive leader in western Canada.

The Solution

Sherwood Ford recognized traditional advertising to be a “waste of dollars” and chose to allocate 99% of its ad spend to Google and Facebook.

The dealership looked to 9 Clouds to provide a solid return on its digital advertising investment. We did this by guiding the store’s beginning Facebook campaign creation and by providing training for its in-house marketing team.

9 Clouds helped Sherwood Ford find success in its Facebook efforts, both by using strategic targeting to decrease costs and by delivering trackable results with dynamic retargeting and catalog ads.

The Results

With a new arsenal of digital marketing knowledge and resources, Sherwood Ford certainly did find the ROI it was hoping for. In just a short time, the dealership saw:

  • 189 offline conversions from Facebook dynamic retargeting ads — worth more than $3 million in sales — in just three months
  • A cost per content view of only $0.06 on dynamic retargeting ads
  • A cost per content view of only $0.45 on a targeted Custom Audience catalog ad
  • A reach of more than 162,000 people in Sherwood Ford’s market in just one month

There’s no doubt that with this implementation of Facebook’s dynamic retargeting ads, paired with 9 Cloud’s Cumulus software, Sherwood Ford will remain at the top in retail and commercial sales in its local market.

We’re excited knowing that the service 9 Clouds will provide will give us an edge over our local market competitors. Sherwood Ford leads in Western Canada for number one in retail sales and number one in commercial in our local market. Overall, I trust 9 Clouds and can always count on them to deliver exceptional service. The team really is a cut above the rest.

— David van der Leek, Marketing Manager at Sherwood Ford

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