My First Week at 9 Clouds: Thriving on Connectivity

My First Week at 9 Clouds: Thriving on Connectivity

Some decisions in life are no-brainers — like choosing whether or not to eat a doughnut or whether you should brush your teeth before bed. But other choices, like making an intentional career shift, can have a lasting impact. These decisions demand thoughtful consideration and a bit of courage.

Fortunately, the transition was made smoother for me by the team awaiting me at 9 Clouds.

From the moment I arrived, I found myself in a supportive environment that values togetherness. My first week has vividly demonstrated not just the significance of staying connected, but also what that looks like through everyday practice.

Staying Connected to Digital Marketing

At 9 Clouds, they are all about continuous learning to keep improving services and each other. The team shares industry insights like videos on upcoming vehicle trends for dealerships, articles on smarter processes, time-saving hacks like keyboard shortcuts and more.

It’s a proactive way to keep everyone in the loop, maintain high standards in digital marketing and always learn something new.

The team is also on top of the latest tools and platforms in digital marketing. It’s not just about knowing what’s new, but about using these tools wisely to get the best results for clients.

Project Connectivity

The platforms and tools we use make managing campaigns and projects a breeze. It keeps everything running smooth and makes teamwork super effective. These tools — like Slack and Basecamp, to name just two — are like the Swiss Army knives of digital marketing. They streamline every aspect of our projects. 

Whether it’s tracking campaign performance in real-time, coordinating tasks across teams effortlessly, or integrating feedback swiftly, these platforms are essential. They keep everything on track and empower team members to continually think about how to drive client success.

Optimized Systems

The way they operate is organized right from the start. They didn’t waste any time in laying out clear expectations for my training as an account manager (to start!).

This upfront clarity allowed me to integrate my existing skills into their workflows while adapting quickly to their methods. It’s refreshing to join a team where everyone knows their role and how they contribute to the overall success of client projects.

From day one, I’ve felt supported and guided through their structured approach to onboarding. This not only instills confidence but also ensures that I can hit the ground running in contributing to the team. The emphasis on clear communication and well-defined processes has made the learning curve smoother.

Team Collaboration

Communication is huge here. The team is always chatting and messaging, building strong relationships that make everyone better at what we do. You hear a lot of “we’re all humans” around here, which shows how much the leadership values each person on the team, both personally and professionally.

In my short time here, I’ve learned that connectivity at 9 Clouds goes beyond just tools and technology. It’s about connecting ideas, skills, and people to create a place where everyone feels valued and can thrive. I’m eager to deepen my understanding of the team and further integrate myself.

On to the weeks ahead and beyond! 🚀

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