[Case Study] How Our Dynamic Facebook Ad Tool Proved “Transformative” for JLS Automotive

[Case Study] How Our Dynamic Facebook Ad Tool Proved “Transformative” for JLS Automotive

Dynamic retargeting campaigns are the future of Facebook marketing. But they’re not easy to make happen.

Enter Cumulus, an exclusive 9 Clouds tool that connects dealerships’ inventory feeds with their Facebook catalogs. With Cumulus, you can save time managing your dynamic Facebook campaigns — while lowering your cost per click.

JLS, a fellow auto marketing agency, put Cumulus to work for its customers. The results were, in the agency’s own words, “transformative.”

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What Are Dynamic Facebook Ads?

Dynamic Facebook ads aren’t exactly new to the scene of Facebook advertising, but they’re still a mystery to a lot of marketers.

You’re probably more familiar with dynamic ads as a consumer. Think about the last time you visited Amazon. That book or those shoes you last viewed have seemed to follow you around the Internet, right?

That’s dynamic retargeting.

Your dealership can do the same thing on Facebook with your current inventory, following leads with the exact F-150 or Silverado they viewed on your website.

Better yet, dynamic ads show to only the people who have viewed your store’s vehicle description pages (VDPs). That means you’re targeting the potential buyers who are furthest along in the funnel — the ones most likely to convert.

How Have Dynamic Facebook Ads Transformed JLS?

We worked with JLS to help get that dynamic connection up and running with our Cumulus software.

And the results are awesome. JLS president Scott Schubel, Jr. shared his experience with 9 Clouds in our latest case study:

Integrating Cumulus into my agency was transformative. I not only generated leads for my clients, but also developed a reliable system that assured positive net profit results. It has become a cornerstone product for my team.

See the results of our case study on dynamic Facebook ads with JLS for yourself. Then, read more case studies to see what else 9 Clouds can do for your store!