[Case Study] 7 Cars. 30 Days. 1 Facebook Ad.

[Case Study] 7 Cars. 30 Days. 1 Facebook Ad.

Today’s car shopper can take months to arrive at the sale, which is why it’s important to stay in touch with and learn from your leads over time.

Dynamic retargeting technology helps your dealership retain web traffic efficiently and effectively.

Lexus of Calgary, Canada’s largest Lexus dealership, deployed our Cumulus software to feed its inventory into Facebook and successfully retarget its website visitors with hyper-customized Facebook ads.

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Here’s How It Works

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When someone shops for Lexuses (“Lexi”?) on the dealership’s website, our Cumulus software remembers which vehicles they browsed.

Then, Cumulus puts those vehicles into a carousel Facebook ad, which shows only to that website visitor. The ad contains the exact VINs that the person viewed, plus a link to the entire inventory.

Lexus of Calgary saw three main benefits of using Cumulus.

Benefit 1: Retention

This engaging format has allowed Lexus of Calgary to retain shoppers over time — which is especially important in its highly competitive local luxury market.

In October 2017, for example, these dynamic ads reached 522 website visitors 5,038 times.

Benefit 2: Efficiency

Since dynamic retargeting ads are targeted to a rotating audience — in this case, people who viewed new Lexus vehicle detail pages (VDPs) within the last 14 days — dealerships do not need to spend time updating them every month.

In fact, the ads can be set to a daily budget and run indefinitely (although we still recommend keeping an eye on their performance).

These Cumulus campaigns also allow dealers to target more specifically, which reduces wasted impressions. Focusing on only people who are actively shopping ensures quality engagement over time.

In fact, our case study found a click-through rate that is three times higher than conventional, non-retargeting Facebook ads.

Benefit 3: Sales!

Last but not least, these campaigns are proven to help sell cars. In one month, we attributed at least seven sales to a dynamic retargeting campaign.

And, at just $1.17 per click (on average), it was easy for the dealership to justify having another meaningful touchpoint with this qualified audience.

Learn More in the Case Study

We took a close look at how Lexus of Calgary used this technology to reach its core audience of active shoppers.

Check out the case study to get all of the details and to learn more about our Cumulus software for dynamic Facebook ads.